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Original Flavor Bistro puts Puerto Rican & Venezuelan Food on the Map in Summersville.

We take you inside Rosa Rodriguez and Nobel Garcia’s increasingly popular spot, Original Flavor Bistro in Summersville (Nicholas County), to discover what their Puerto Rican-Venezuelan concept is all about. It is the number one rated restaurant in Summersville on google restaurant searches and although they have just recently made their home in Summersville (moving from North Carolina), they have made it a priority to deliver an authentic experience by honoring their country’s diverse culinary heritage.

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Discover an authentically prepared braised chicken breast, fried pork cubes, sautéed shrimp, round roasts braised in wine, fried yucca, sweet plantains, French baguette sandwiches filled with chorizo, chicken, and beef, lemon cheesecakes, dulce de leche crepes, and so much more! There’s also beer, wine, and refreshing cocktails so your fusion cuisine is perfectly paired.

“I am originally from Puerto Rico and moved to the United States in 2005,” says Rosa. “Our bistro is very family-oriented and embraces a creative fusion that consists of my husband Nobel and my stepdaughter Paola Garcia who is from Venezuela. It is also blended with my two kiddos who have Puerto Rican and Cuban roots.” From interior design to culinary arts, Rosa’s passion has always involved the arts. In 2013, she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Artisan Fusion Cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Orlando, Florida. And for the last 20 years, she has been led to fulfill this dream of opening a Venezuelan/Puerto Rican bistro with her family.

The secret? It’s consistency and starts with a great deal of attention…

The secret? It’s consistency and starts with a great deal of attention, choosing quality ingredients, and a love for the craft of bringing the best foods to the table every day. Rosa shares that she and her family work hard to keep all the recipes and flavors as authentic to Caribbean and South American cuisine as possible. She says, “We have created a dynamic fusion for everyone to enjoy.” BONUS: Whether you are accustomed to these dishes or not, you will enjoy these meals as they prioritize everyone’s palate. Also, stop in for their weekly specials which usually comprise of Asian and Peruvian flares. “We prepare weekly specials to keep bringing to the table what no one else in town offers,” says Rosa.

A couple of popular appetizers are the Original Nachos which is served with beef, chicken, and/or pork; as well as the Empanada Platter. This is prepared with corn dough and stuffed with anything you can imagine, then deep fried! Have you ever had Arepas? This is a South American staple (primarily in Venezuela) and are stuffed with cornmeal cakes that are crispy outside and fluffy on the inside. Arepas are offered in a few different ways such as the Reina Pepiada which is prepared with pulled chicken breast, mayonnaise, and avocado. You can also order Cachapas which are grilled corn cakes made from fresh corn. They are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. These come stuffed with cheese!

“We loved our food and highly recommend! We were a large group and planned on ordering at a restaurant that ended up being closed. We were worried nothing was open and LUCKILY stumbled upon Original Flavor Bistro. They accommodated our 15 person order… Everything was a hit, especially the empanadas!” – Katie W. via yelp.

Rosa’s son, Cesar Rodriguez is the restaurant’s mixologist and server.

Rosa tells us the Llanero Pork entrée is a top seller. It is served with fried pork cubes with sautéed onions and peppers. Rosa tells us her favorite dish is the Trifongo Trio which consists of green plantains, sweet plantains, and yucca mashed together with a wood stick. It is mixed with pork skins and a garlic compound butter to create a bowl that is topped with steak, chicken and shrimp and a homemade chimichurri sauce.

Rosa’s son, Cesar Rodriguez is the restaurant’s mixologist and server. Rosa tells us he is her “number one right hand.” She says, “Not only will Cesar help you discover the best dish to enjoy but he’s also highly skilled in pairing our dishes with the perfect cocktails and wines/beers.”

All desserts are made in-house and prepared by Sabrina Santiago, Rosa’s 14-year-old daughter.

Make sure you leave room for dessert! All are made in-house and prepared by Sabrina Santiago who is Rosa’s 14-year-old daughter. Sabrina has been training with her mother since she was 5 years old and always complements the menu items. Some of Sabrina’s specialty desserts are the Flan Vanilla Cheese Custard, Tres Leche three milk cake, Crepes, Lemon Cheesecake, Strawberry Shortcake, and Cinnamon Crispers with chocolate syrup or caramel. She offers some seasonal items as well.

For the best fusion of international culinary, check out Original Flavor Bistro. It is located at 860 Broad Street. Hours are Tuesday-Thursday, 11am-8pm and Friday-Saturday, 11am-9pm. For more information, call 304-872-2301 or visit and stay updated with them @originalflavorbistrowv on fb and insta.

– HashtagWV #139. February 2022.

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