Eye on the Sky: We, Lost in the Chasm of Space.

Hello, once again fellow astrophiles! Well, we’re in the dead of winter now and I’m sure many of you don’t relish the idea of standing around outside freezing your tootsies off looking up at the sky. I have to admit it can sometimes be hard for me to open the door too, but the winter […]

Book Review: Terrebone by Robin Elaine.

Now that we have settled into another West Virginia winter, there’s often nothing more comforting than curling up with a blanket, a warm cup and a good book. If you find the time for one of those moments – and I hope you do – I’d encourage you to explore the world of Terrebonne, a […]

History Unraveled: A Valentine from Space.

Most of us in any kind of relationship with another human being already has Valentine’s Day on the radar – memo to self…don’t forget the card, the e-card, the text with gif, the chocolates, the dinner reservation, etc. The origins of this celebration of love goes back to the 3rd Century in the person of […]

In the Spirit: Cocktailen. by Stephen Smith

Sure, who doesn’t like a good bourbon on the rocks or poured neat?  However, when we’re not drinking top-shelf liquor sometimes we need help.  That’s where cocktails come in!  First, let’s define what a cocktail is.  A cocktail is simply an alcoholic drink consisting of a spirit or several spirits mixed with other ingredients.  Now […]

My Dog & I: Take Me With You – Janine Lazarus

Having a dog means adding a new member to your family…We have all heard that…but…making space for that new member in our daily patterns is often not included in our plans. We bring home, bring in and shop for these new additions without truly understanding that this new being will want to be included in […]

Original Flavor Bistro puts Puerto Rican & Venezuelan Food on the Map in Summersville.

We take you inside Rosa Rodriguez and Nobel Garcia’s increasingly popular spot, Original Flavor Bistro in Summersville (Nicholas County), to discover what their Puerto Rican-Venezuelan concept is all about. It is the number one rated restaurant in Summersville on google restaurant searches and although they have just recently made their home in Summersville (moving from […]

Kevbot Chocolate. Mountain Made, Just Awesome Craft Chocolate.

Based in Alderson (Greenbrier County), Kevbot Chocolate is an artisanal business owned/operated by chocolate-maker Kevin Johnson. His mission is to deliver a great bean-to-bar chocolate experience, transparently sourced, with a unique personality. He and his team’s purpose is to bring joy, simplicity, and peace of mind to the chocolate buying experience for today’s conscious consumers. […]