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WV Artist on Display: Josh Boyd, Metal Artist

Meet Josh Boyd, a fabricator, engineer and self-taught metal artist. He owns Bluefield Metal Art and describes his art as flat, multi-layered metal. He tells us his specialty is based on the ability to bring imagery and logos to life out of metal while maintaining depth and dimensions.

Josh tells us his specialty is based on the ability to bring imagery and logos to life…

Some of his clients include Bluefield State College, Country Roads Axe Company in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and Bluefield Ridge Runners, a summer collegiate baseball team. Throughout the years, Josh tells us that he has had several mentors who have influenced various parts of his work, from the design aspect to the job. Learn more about Josh with our Q&A:

Q. What inspired you to become an artist?

A. When Covid shut everything down with my previous business I started building little custom pieces for fun. Not long after that, I began to see there was a niche market for some custom one-off metal art pieces, so I formed Bluefield Metal Art and started working for fun. This is now my full-time job.

Q. What’s your greatest accomplishment?

A. Bluefield Metal Art is one of my greatest accomplishments. It was basically an idea with no expectations. The growth has been exponential

“Coming from the engineering world I always worked off the Theory of Constraints” – Josh Boyd

Q. What obstacles do you need to overcome to find your creative space/muse?

A. Coming from the engineering world I always worked off the Theory of Constraints, so I look at my work the same, I identify the constraint of the piece and begin working from there. The piece tends to evolve as I build them into more than I originally intended.

“I usually find inspiration from things that are familiar”

Q. How do you find your inspiration?

A. I usually find inspiration from things that are familiar, such as things I’ve seen before. Colors also inspire me and some of my favorite colors to work with are earth tones created by rusting metal.

Q. What advice do you have for other artists?

A. Make it fun, art shouldn’t feel like work

Q. What is your favorite piece(s) you’ve made and why?

A. My favorite piece from a sentimental standpoint is a 100-year-old church marquee sign that we completely refurbished. However, the Bluefield Ridge Runners mascot sign is one that I enjoy driving by the most.

Q. How can our readers reach you?

A. Find us on facebook and instagram @BluefieldMetalArt, email me at, or give me a call at (276) 698-6005.

– HashtagWV #137. November 2021.
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