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December 2-4: Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music

Love is awful, ain’t it? Jim Stools, a Houston bar owner, persuades Eve, a Minnesota housewife to switch connections at the airport. They soon live together over his bar. Eve is then paid a visit by her niece Catherine Empanger, a novice nun. (Pictured above: Catherine (Erin Goins) and Roy (Xander Alvarez) watch as Jim (Rick Caruso) attempts to kill Eve’s (Jennifer Alvarez) son, Jason (Miles Munique).

What follows is not simply comic and well-observed, but romantic and affecting as well.

It seems Catherine suffers from a curious compulsion to yell obscenities at the wrong moment. Roy, an honest if simple fellow from the bar downstairs, wants to court Catherine whether she’s a nun or not. Eve feels she should give her niece the benefit of her experiences with men before allowing her to venture back into the mad modern country world. What follows is not simply comic and well-observed, but romantic and affecting as well.

Scheduled for December 2-4, dinner will be served at 6:30pm and showtime is at 7:30pm.  To make your reservations, call 304-589-0339. The Bluefield Arts Center is located at 500 Bland Street in Bluefield, WV 24701. Follow 4 Pals Productions on facebook @4Pals and to learn more about the Bluefield Arts Center, visit bluefieldartscenter.com.

– HashtagWV #137. November 2021.
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