Mountain Scene: Homegrown Beekeeping w/ Blue Ridge Bee Company

If you are looking to expand your outdoor hobby horizons, you may find that beekeeping is the perfect pastime. Not only can you reap the benefits of fresh backyard-to-table honey, but you can also get to revel in the satisfaction of maintaining your own colony. Plus, the buzzy critters have the ability to lend a […]

Guns & Cornbread: Venison, Sharp Knives, & College Football

Life is hard sometimes, and nowhere near fair. I write this to you from deer camp which normally isn’t too bad. Not too bad that is if you can put up with the deer not cooperating as they should, a diet that may not exactly meet health standards set by the Surgeon General, companions that […]

In the Spirit: So Thankful the Pilgrims Ran out of Beer!

If you’re like me, you wake up every morning and think to yourself how proud and thankful you are to be an American!  What if I told you almost every important decision in American history involves alcohol in one shape or another?!  Hard to believe, right?  Well let me tell you about American history through […]

Eye on the Sky: The Full Beaver Eclipse is Here!

Hello once again fellow astrophiles! Well, November is finally here and I for one am so glad. It’s one of my favorite months! After all, what’s not to like? Cool air, no bugs, hazeless skies, and a giant turkey meal to top it all off. It’s also a great month to get some star gazing […]

Wild & Willowful: A Spiritual Jaunt to NC

When I went on a quick little jaunt to North Carolina the other week, my family and I stopped by the Cherokee museum, which is located deep in the mountains of the Western part of the state. It was such an interesting experience to get to chat with Cherokee natives. I got to really see […]

My Dog & I: Let’s Have Some Fun!

We are all getting so serious about this dog thing these days…what to feed our dog friends, how to train them, even how to dress them??? What are we doing right? How do we “fix” their behavior? Which containment system to use? So many decisions to make…Will they make the house dirty? Make us sneeze? […]

Thankful for Local Birds, Spirits, & Trees!

With the entire world still dealing with the repercussions of global shutdowns and supply chain issues, this holiday season is the perfect time to shop local. And thankfully, the potential for buying locally crafted gifts and necessities are abundant in West Virginia. We have thousands of farmers, retailers, and artists offering goods made close to […]

Dec 3- 8: Christmas Time is Almost Here! at GVT

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! “Christmas Time is Here” is a high-energy show packed with all the joy and nostalgia you can muster. Playing from Friday, December 3rd until Saturday the 18th at Greenbrier Valley Theatre, this is a must-see for the whole family. The production features some of your favorite […]

Off the Beaten Path: James H. Pyne, One of the Greats.

November is here and Thanksgiving is upon us. It’s the time of year when we all look around and take stock of the things we should be thankful for. This year that measure of things is going to look quite different for me. You see, this August I lost the most important thing in my […]

Grandpa Larry: Autumn Colors Remind Me of Corduroy.

I woke up wondering, why is the sun shining in through a north-facing window? it was my big maple tree, bright yellow in its dazzling, autumnal display; the trip to town was a glorious drive, the sky full of falling leaves; windows open my half-finished poem flapping on the seat, I drive more slowly dodging […]

WV Artist on Display: Josh Boyd, Metal Artist

Meet Josh Boyd, a fabricator, engineer and self-taught metal artist. He owns Bluefield Metal Art and describes his art as flat, multi-layered metal. He tells us his specialty is based on the ability to bring imagery and logos to life out of metal while maintaining depth and dimensions. Josh tells us his specialty is based […]

Around Town: “Thank you for 30 Great Years!” Interview w/ Donna Toney.

This month, High Country Boutique (HCB) in downtown Lewisburg will be closing its doors after 30 years in business. Donna Toney opened this store in 1991. In the early days, she specialized in American art, fine crafts, and art wearables. In ’95, clothing and accessories dominated gallery sales and her business quickly became a stopping […]