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Around Town: Find your Fit at Bodies in Motion!

It is not easy opening a wellness center in the midst of global lockdowns. But Andrea Karrs managed to pull it off. She moved Bodies in Motion to a new location in downtown Lewisburg this past summer. The business originally opened in September 2014 in the American Legion Building beside Blackwell’s Catering on Rt 219. They moved to Carnegie Hall for a brief stint and are now permanent residents in their brand-new building on Lafayette Street (this was the former location of Julians).

As we kick off a new year…

As we kick off a new year, think about pursuing a happy, healthy, and balanced life with high-quality Pilates, yoga, and barre classes with the team at Bodies in Motion!

“Yoga is a wonderful form of physical and mental self-care that anyone can do regardless of age, size, or capability…. My classes are designed for all levels, including beginners. Join me on Tuesdays at 5pm!” – Jeri Banton Via

Andrea emphasizes “TEAM” and shares, “We help each other out and have a common goal – helping people feel good, mentally and physically.” Among various workshops offered, a popular one is the Myofascial Release Workshop.  “In addition to myofascial release”, she states, “we have also had special classes for stretching and meditation. We plan to offer classes on Physio Balls and tai chi in the future. We offer private sessions for yoga, fitness and musculoskeletal problems and using Pilates equipment.” Andrea goes on to share that she is thrilled with the new space because she and her team can provide classes whenever they want and are able to have a dedicated space for their wellness community.

Bodies in Motion’s teachers include Mary Vigueras, Eden McGuffin, Erin Hurst, Jeri Via, and Andrea. You can learn more about them at All classes are individualized, and some folks do a little of everything that is offered.

Andrea says her business differs from other pilates/yoga studios in that they don’t have just one type of class. “We emphasize general wellness, community, and movement as a complex system of both mind and body. As a licensed physical therapist with a background in biomechanics, I know that nothing keeps us as healthy as physical activity. My vision for our studio is the advancement of health in our community through mindful movement. That can come in a variety of ways. We acknowledge that movement is a complex system of the body that also incorporates biopsychosocial aspects.”

To give you an idea on Andrea’s client population, she describes it as all-inclusive, with a wide range in age – teens to seniors – and folks from throughout Greenbrier County and beyond. She and her team have clients from Raleigh, Summers, Pocahontas, and Monroe Counties. There are also clients from out of state who attend classes when visiting our area.

Andrea’s life work is to help folks pursue a healthy and balanced life. In her mission, she has garnered several client success stories over the years and says there is one story that stands out the most, “There was an individual who came to me with long-standing low back pain. This individual could not bend forward to touch their knees. They now have flexibility to touch their toes. In addition, they can move freely and are generally pain free, doing activities they love.”

BONUS: If you would like to try out Bodies in Motion, you can do so with little commitment as there is a 3-class welcome pass for just $25. You can sign up by calling the studio at 304-520-4069. They also do a holiday drawing for their clients to give away a free 5-class pass!

Entering a new year is a powerful occasion as it is a time when we reflect on our gratitude for the past and our hopes for the future. It’s also a chance to welcome a fresh start to reinvigorate our enthusiasm for chasing goals and dreams. To learn more about Bodies in Motion and to see the class schedule, visit Their address is 269 Lafayette Street, near Simms Exxon and across from Ferrell Eye Clinic.  New year, new start. May you live a happy, healthy, and balanced life in 2022.

– HashtagWV #138. (Dec-Jan 2022)

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