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Healing Corner: Winter Wellness

This winter may be unlike any winter you have ever experienced…

you might be homeschooling or dealing with the on and off again schedule of in person school vs virtual, you may be laid off from work, or adjusting to a new job or a new way of working from home, you may be dealing with an illness or a person in a nursing home situation with new challenges such as when and how to stay connected, and everyone is adjusting to the changes in the political arena, whatever your stand on the subject.  We have all been through some of this before, but never quite like it is now.  Never have we been discouraged from hugging, expected to wear masks in public, and been on such a roller coaster ride of conflicting numbers, confusion, changing rules, and personal challenges that are there as a result of something “outside of us”.

So, what to do?  This is a stressful time, for sure.  How we deal with the stress, what we focus our attention on and give our attachment to, and where we go from here, both as individuals and as a collective, are issues that each of us must live into in our own unique way.  We DO have power over our own thoughts, choices, intentions, and responses.  Start with that mantra:  I have power over my thoughts, choices, intentions and responses.

Staying well this winter starts with knowing you are powerful. 

Not one of us can determine everything that will happen to us, but every one of us can influence the quality of life we live.  There are some very basic things that will help build up immunity and boost wellness, body mind and spirit, if you so choose.  When we are well, we are much better able to bring our best selves to the holiday season or the Christmas celebration, to the charity of one’s choice, to the dinner table, or to the businesses we may be trying to manage.  You and those you love deserve the highest possible version of yourself that is available, and as that version becomes more awake, the world changes.  Be the change is more than a popular tagline.

Vitamins C, D, ZINC, and Mineral support have never been more important

Vitamins C, D, ZINC, and Mineral support have never been more important.  If you are just beginning to consider your own immunity go to Edith’s Health Food Store in downtown Lewisburg and ask some questions!  Eat as cleanly as you can; I like this simple guide:  Eat real foods mostly greens.  The Farmer’s Market when allowed to operate will be indoors as in the past, and is an excellent way to support local farmers, your immunity, and overall wellness.  Amy’s Market by Hill and Holler Pizza in Lewisburg carries local fresh produce as well.

Remember, worry is a negative prayer…

Remember, worry is a negative prayer; science has proven what ancient cultures and spiritualists from all backgrounds already knew –  that our thoughts and feelings are powerful magnets and we are co creators, so notice what you watch, listen to, believe (beliefs are taught and constructed from experience, ask yourself if yours are serving or depleting in nature), and be choosy about where your attention goes.  Diet is anything that we consume, not just food.  Feed yourself the good stuff.

The body needs to move and be in nature (it IS nature),

and the mind needs time offline and to just be still.  Drink More Water. Breathe in gratitude (write down your blessings, however small, and really feel the abundance that is already in your life), laugh – it is so healing. The benefits of making these choices are more far reaching than many realize, because YES we are actual co-creators.

Find ways to connect that work for you.  If you feel it is best not to be with others at this time, then look for on line ways to join communities.  If you are willing to be together in person reach out, as I am sure others are looking for this level of connection as well.

Your judgments are powerful, your words are powerful, your very being is powerful, and it MATTERS! 

Do whatever you do with an awareness that you are powerful.  Your judgments are powerful, your words are powerful, your very being is powerful, and it MATTERS!  Will you use your power to unify?  Will you use your power to expand?  Will you use your power to heal?

Everything starts with you, and we are all connected as co- creators.  I look forward to seeing the spirit of the season blossom in each and every one of us this winter!

– Sherry McLaughlin, Hashtag #129. December 2020. Follow Sherry on Facebook at AWAKE w/ Sherry. 

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