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Future Doc: Enuff Already! Stress 2020

It’s transition time…

It’s transition time. Fall is falling a bit earlier it seems. It’s back to school or not back to school. It’s the added pressure of homeschooling. It’s getting acclimated to colder temperatures and adjusting to the mental and emotional impact that often occurs when we receive less sunlight. It’s also time for a new “flu season “ in the midst of an already viral pandemic and all the change and uncertainty associated with it. ENUFF ALREADY!

2020 has been a stressful year to understatedly say the least.

2020 has been a stressful year to understatedly say the least. The added stressors in this transitional time create a significant challenge to our health. Uncertainty itself can breed continuous and unrelenting stress that leads to a compromised immune system. In the last Future Doc article, I spoke of “Gut Busters “. The continuous stress resulting from Uncertainty and confusion is perhaps the #1 Gut Buster. As discussed in the last article, the health and strength of our immune system is intimately related to the health of our gastrointestinal system, our Gut.

The innate or inborn intelligence inherent in our body monitors the internal and external environment and responds accordingly to support body function and survival. The inborn wisdom of the body is manifested primarily through the autonomic nervous system (ANS). This system has two divisions called the sympathetic (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous systems (PNS). The “switchboard” for these control systems lie along the spinal column and near the base of the skull. Connecting branches communicate with the rest of the body to receive and send information in order to monitor and control body function. (How and why Chiropractic care can influence whole body function).

To simplify…

To simplify,  these two divisions serve as accelerators or decelerators, like gas pedals or brakes. The SNS dominates when there is a stressful environment (including both conscious and unconscious mental and emotional stress), and directs the body toward a flight/fight or heightened adrenal response. The PNS on the other hand dominates when digestion, procreation, and when healing and repair processes are needed.  Essentially,  Gut Busting begins to occur when these systems are out of balance. This can occur when there is a sudden stressful event of significant magnitude or more commonly when SNS domination is prolonged.

Hormonal imbalances, sleep problems, emotional disorders, frequent and chronic joint aches, and pains, etc

When it is continuous, unrelenting stress such as that generated by fear, anxiety, and uncertainty over time, the prolonged dominance of the SNS over the PNS adversely impacts digestion, procreation, and healing/repair processes. The adrenal or “stress “ glands are initially pushed to heightened function in response to stress but will eventually become exhausted and “insufficient “. This leads to hormonal imbalances, sleep problems, emotional disorders, frequent and chronic joint aches, and pains, etc.

It has become increasingly more important to be proactive and preventative in our healthcare thinking. We must find ways to be at cause and less at effect, and do it.

– Dr. Timothy Pence. Hashtag Lewisburg City Paper #127. October 2020. Dr. Pence at Greenbrier Chiropractic Center is prepared to help improve your overall health.  Give him a call at (304) 645-6080 to schedule your appointment. E-mail them at and follow them @greenbrierchiro on facebook.

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