In the Spirit: Take a Drive Through New York Wine Country!

The history of the Finger Lakes wine region dates back to the 1860’s. There is nothing like taking a weekend drive through wine country in the fall. Virginia may be the closest we have to Greenbrier County for a drive through vineyards, however, there is another wine region on the east coast that lies only eight […]

Future Doc: Enuff Already! Stress 2020

It’s transition time… It’s transition time. Fall is falling a bit earlier it seems. It’s back to school or not back to school. It’s the added pressure of homeschooling. It’s getting acclimated to colder temperatures and adjusting to the mental and emotional impact that often occurs when we receive less sunlight. It’s also time for […]

Grandpa Larry’s Random Reminiscence: Hope for a Better Breakfast.

Ah, good, another rainy day. I think I’ll conjure up a few ideas and see if I can hypnotize any of you, my dear readers, with my smooth and soothing nonsense; we shall call if B’anon. (Not to be confused with that historic figure Steve Bannon, who at this writing was looking for a good […]

Uncorked: Goblins & Witches and Ghouls, Oh My! Festive Cocktails for Everyone!

October, the season of spooks and frights. October, the season of spooks and frights. What better way to steel ourselves to the holiday of scares than with a glass of liquid courage? A festive cocktail that is. Whatever your poison is, there is a drink out there to satisfy everyone. (pictured above: @ear_and_cheers on instagram). […]