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Healing Corner: Create Joy in 2020

New Year!  New Life!  It’s just a date, right?  Resolutions are easily made and easily forgotten, yes?

Actually, there is an energy that comes with the numerology and astrology of moving into a new year that does support us in making changes, if we are willing and truly intending to do so.

This year, how about a new twist to your resolutions and approach them body, mind, and spirit, in a way that won’t leave you feeling let down by yourself sometime around March, if not sooner?

There is no real separation in our whole being, but our awareness does perceive different parts of the whole, and each of us is more or less tuned in to varied areas.  For example, I struggle with moving my body adequately, but I thrive at making time for meditation and journaling.  That’s ok; it is my uniqueness that makes me ME and the same is true for you.  Having said that, YES I want to do better with moving my body in the new year, and to thrive in all areas of my life.

Join me in this approach:

1st: Identify the area that you are most naturally gifted in thriving, and figure out one way that you can use that gift to influence the areas in which you struggle. (For example, I will use my ability to move quietly and be still to begin a more regular practice of gentle yoga at home as I listen to my favorite mantras.  This is doable, and it is progress.  If you tend to be better at movement, include a walking meditation in your day to bring awareness to your spirit and mind through movement.  There are lots of great free meditation sites that you can listen to while walking in nature!)

2nd: Challenge yourself to start a new practice, that is outside of your comfort zone, but that is doable in the new year. (For me, I am going to do something “more challenging” every week, and add to it little by little.  It may be joining a yoga class, or going for a hike, or who knows what, but it’s going to get me moving more without burning me out or making me feel overwhelmed.  I will build on it slowly instead of starting huge in January then failing.)

3rd: Use your current strengths/passions as a spring board for MORE JOY and success. (I love to journal and write but I am not very disciplined about these acts.  I intend to spend more time on writing in 2020 and using this gift to expand my happiness, my creative forces, and quite possibly my income!)

Do you see how these practices, small but doable, can increase our wellness and healing in body, mind, and spirit?

Some REALLY simple acts that can make a huge difference for all of us include drinking more water, smiling at people more often, stretching, laughing, random acts of kindness, really noticing all your blessings and sharing your gratitude. May this be our best year yet!!!

– Sherry McLaughlin. HashtagWV #121. January 2020.

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