Healing Corner: Create Joy in 2020

New Year!  New Life!  It’s just a date, right?  Resolutions are easily made and easily forgotten, yes? Actually, there is an energy that comes with the numerology and astrology of moving into a new year that does support us in making changes, if we are willing and truly intending to do so. This year, how […]

In the Spirit: New Year. New Wine.

Here we are in a new year, even a new decade it’s time to break the cycle and try something new for yourself.  As creatures of habit it is always far too easy to grab our good old standby bulk wine, with its clean label or pretty box and easy price tag.  There are nearly […]

My Dog & I: Who’s Your Trainer?

I am a Dog Trainer. There are a lot of dog trainers for hire these days. Dog Training is a pretty popular career to get into at the moment and many folks with dogs, old, new and in-between are now considering hiring one of us to help with their four legged friends. It’s great that […]

Mtn Scene: Commonwealth Vintage & the Rise of Treasures from Years Past

If you love American made vintage clothing but don’t have the time and patience to dig through charitable thrift stores, check out Commonwealth Vintage, downtown Lewisburg’s newest vintage clothing haven. This shop is a can’t miss location on any respectable city map (yes, it’s on the Hashtag Lewisburg City Paper Map!) because it’s right at […]

Grandpa Larry’s Random Reminiscence: No One is Happy Here.

Hey, happy hashtag hallowers. Sometimes it is difficult to get into all the happy holiday cheer of late December,, but when gladness and joy don’t come to you, there is always opportunity for a sad poem. Enjoy, Grandpa Larry. No one is happy here. Over in the corner the four year old kicks a plastic […]