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Healing Corner: Simple Wisdom

This evening I had the pleasure of talking (individually) with some young folks to see what makes them feel better “without a pill”, body, mind and/or spirit.

Leo, age 3, after using my name so very sweetly, looked me in the eyes with his big beautiful brown ones and told me about when his Mom was trying to feed the birds (and his r’s sound a little more like w’s right now and oh my how lovely to hear him working to articulate this) when he fell on the sidewalk…and guess what Sherry (with w’s of course), you know what she did?  MOM SNUGGLED ME and that’s what made me feel better.  We talked about that wonderful moment a bit more and then I asked if there was anything else and he said “when I had to get a shot they put these really cool band aids on it!!!”

“J”, age 12, after waiting patiently for his waffle cone at H and H (I KNEW not to expect him to get out of line and that we would have more success if we sat down together after the special concoction was in his grasp) was so polite and answered me confidently by saying “When I get hurt I try to take a couple of deep breaths and I say to myself It doesn’t REALLY hurt that bad…, if you can move it it’s fine, and even if you can’t don’t freak out, you can always get help.  Taking deep breaths really helps.”   

As I was leaving feeling quite impressed with the conversations I had with Leo and “J”, I saw another perfect candidate, Tad, age 11.  He was riding his bike in the parking lot so I asked for his input, he replied immediately “I always feel better when I ride my bike, or really just do anything outside; you know, especially to get away from too many electronics, being outside just makes me feel way better.”

Later, with my own P3, age 8, in the car, I casually explained what I wanted to know and he quickly told me “when I take deep breaths that’s the best way to feel better because it changes my energy and calms me down then I know I’ll be okay.  The other thing is when you hug me, and tell me it’s ok Mom.”

Later, I text my darling Daisy (because of course she’s at her best friend’s house), 17, to ask her opinion. “It really helps me to close me eyes and focus on breathing for 5 minutes.  The other best thing is sitting outside and enjoying the sun.”

I think we see a theme here, yes???

UNANIMOUSLY our wise children remind us that the great outdoors, the ever present power of the breath, and loving touch (HUGS AND SNUGGLES) are the perfect recipe for healing.  Try a LOT of all of these measures OFTEN and see how much better you feel heading into the holiday season; may you be well!

– Sherry McLaughlin. HashtagWV #120. December 2019.

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