Mountain Scene: Mi Tequila. When the Mexican Food Craving Hits

When the Mexican food craving hits, you won’t have to go south of the border. A family-operated restaurant with a regional Mexican focus and extensive menu has opened on the north end of Lewisburg. Mi Tequila is a casual one-room spot beside Tudors Biscuit World, the well-known West Virginia restaurant chain and franchise. They pride […]

Future Doc: “And to All a Good Night”

May all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season! In order to create that happiness, it’s important to remember that your quantity and quality of sleep will significantly determine your well being and therefore your potential for feelings of happiness. And so to all, a good night’s sleep! Here are a few recommendations […]

Healing Corner: Simple Wisdom

This evening I had the pleasure of talking (individually) with some young folks to see what makes them feel better “without a pill”, body, mind and/or spirit. Leo, age 3, after using my name so very sweetly, looked me in the eyes with his big beautiful brown ones and told me about when his Mom […]

Grandpa Larry’s Random Reminiscence: Westward Ho

I remember a trip my wife, Sue and I took quite a few summers ago, back when we were both young and footloose and fancy-free. We had traveled to Chicago to visit my grandmother and then decided to head out to Seattle to see one of my wife’s cousins. The trip to Chicago had been […]

Good Eats: Warm Up the Holidays w/ Cakes your Way! + WIN Cupcakes!

Located in downtown Covington, Virginia, Cakes Your Way and the Coffee Café is your convenient stop for a latte and a satisfying sweet craving. Locally owned and operated by Theresa McCoy, this bakery and coffee shop has a strong focus on custom cakes, but a routine menu of morning pastries, Danishes, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, chocolate […]

My Dog & I: If One is Good… Why Not Two??

“And when we arrived at the breeders, there they were…snuggled up together in their pen. They were so sweet, we simply couldn’t imagine tearing them apart…” “Honey, they will be great company for each other while we are away at work all day…” “They are pack animals, Mom. They want to be together!” And so […]

OffBeat: Old Spruce Brewing Delivers Craft Brews to Snowshoe

In West Virginia, breweries are finding plenty of places to grow and Pocahontas County most recently made the list. Thanks to Lawrence Walkup and his stellar team, Snowshoe Mountain’s craft beer scene is attracting skier and snowboarders from all walks of life to escape the cold and enjoy good company. Old Spruce Brewing and Old […]

In the Spirit: Dear Santa, Are you a Bootlegger?

Dear Santa, Word on the streets is that you’re the man to bring us some great, interesting and somehow, obscure adult beverages. Especially since I heard that last year you sampled quite a few of them while delivering everyone’s gifts. pictured above: @lady_rockwell Love the variety of “firestonemerlin. Here’s Mocha Merlin, a strain from Velvet […]