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Future Doc: “And to All a Good Night”

May all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season! In order to create that happiness, it’s important to remember that your quantity and quality of sleep will significantly determine your well being and therefore your potential for feelings of happiness. And so to all, a good night’s sleep!

Here are a few recommendations that might improve your sleep.

#1 ensure exposure to sunlight on a daily basis, at least 30min between 11am and 2pm.

#2 move your body intensively at least 15min per day.

#3 take your shoes off and plant them on the ground for at least 15min per day

#4 limit exposure to artificial light particularly fluorescent and LED.5 #

#5 minimize exposure to cell phone and Wifi, especially in the evening.

#6 Keep your bedroom slightly cool and free from ANY light, including LED emitted by radio/clocks.

#7 avoid excessive alcohol, sugar, carbs.

#8 avoid caffeine after 3pm.

#9 listen to melodic Celtic fiddle music and/or the smooth jazzy blues of Nora Jones after dinner (music that soothes you).

#10 Faithfully lend your troubles over and know that in time they may become insignificant and/or a step toward understanding and enlightenment.

#11 support adrenal health

In the Future Doc practice at GCC we are particularly concerned about persistent sleep problems. The body does most of its repair and regeneration during deep sleep cycles. For those with weight issues, the primary fat-burning hormones aren’t activated until deep sleep occurs.

Long-standing difficulties with sleep often arise from Adrenal gland imbalances. Our “stress glands” may become hyperactive or exhausted and underactive. This imbalance may stem from chronic pain, nutritional deficiencies, mental and emotional stress and by hidden body burdens such as heavy metal and chemical toxicity. Further, known and unknown immune challenges may stress the adrenals. When the body is in a stress or survival mode it has little interest in digestion, sex, and repair.

We routinely check our patients for adrenal imbalance at GCC and very commonly find adrenal weakness/dysfunction. When this is the case we may use a reflexology pressure point technique that virtually recharges the adrenals somewhat like jumper cables recharging a battery. If the adrenals “don’t hold the charge” we provide targeted nutritional support. We actually have the ability to repair and regenerate the adrenals towards optimal function. This is crucial for not only most sleep problems but for nearly all health conditions that one is NOW suffering or WILL BE suffering from in the future. And to all……A Great Night’s Sleep!

– Dr. Tim Pence. HashtagWV #120. December 2019. Follow Dr. Pence @greenbrierchiro on facebook or visit Have an immediate question? Call the doc at 304-645-6080 or email

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