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Healing Corner: The Body Speaks In Tongues

I am full of optimism and gratitude as I submit my first article on this precious subject!  What do I mean by the healing corner and what can you expect to find in the future if you choose to stay tuned?  Any and everything that can naturally lead to growth, wellness, and awakening, is part of the healing corner genre.  What you can expect to find is information about the local practitioners and venues available to you, personal stories of natural healing that will inspire you, and information that will offer you alternative possibilities for easing pain and suffering while expanding body, mind, and spirit!

I’m kicking off this series with my own extremely condensed personal healing story:  Medically speaking, I had a slipped disc between vertebre c5 and c6 that eventually led to surgery and removal of the disc ( they discovered during surgery it had actually crumbled into many pieces).  I was 26 years old and had dealt on and off with upper back and neck pain from about the age of 15, but finally was unable to lift anything or even ride comfortably in a car because of the debilitating pain that landed me on pain pills and on my back for a few months. I understand why pain medication can lead to addiction and to negative decision making!  An MRI that I had several years later because of  returning pain showed that I had SEVERAL bulging discs; I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, early arthritis, told I would be bedridden if I ever had another child (this was before #2 and 3), and so on. This was depressing to say the least.

Thankfully, I chose to approach this experience from the soul and not just a physical and mental perspective;  my hardships led me to a path of healing.  One good thing about being unable to function is that you are forced into deep meditation, or at least I was! I knew there had to be more to this experience than a doomed future of medication, pain, and suffering!  It has been a wonderfully long, challenging and winding path, yet through a variety of natural approaches, I have had miraculous results.  Discovering gentle yoga, energy healing, massage therapy, and acupuncture, in combination with the inner work that comes with dark night of the soul, I began to dig deep and practice in faith… a later MRI actually showed that I had GROWN BACK the disc that had been removed!

I still have issues with my neck and back, but twenty-some years later, I am healthier and stronger than I was in my mid twenties.  I deal with my pain in ways that have no negative side effects and I use my experiences and challenges to bring compassion and love to others who are going through their own healing crisis (AWAKE MASSAGE AND WELL BEING fb business page), and frankly, if you are human, on some level you are healing.  What I hope you find here every month is hope and support!

Email me at if you are interested in sharing a personal healing story that will inspire others!

– Sherry McLaughlin. HashtagWV #115. July 2019.

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