Where to Eat + Drink Outside: A Guide to Greenbrier Valley’s Patio Scene

The Greenbrier Valley is chock full of good eats. Come every sunny day to Lewisburg, White Sulphur Springs, or Alderson, whether it’s Wednesday or Saturday, this area shares the collective urge for meals, brews, and cocktails on the patio. Here is a list of al-fresco dining options in the valley. (pictured above: The Wild Bean) […]

My Dog & I: No Fighting or Biting

We are going to talk about aggression again… And when I stop getting calls about “aggressive” dogs, we can stop talking about it!! It is understood that your kids are going to argue. It is understood that you will have moments of discord with your loved ones. It is understood that there will be disputes […]

Grandpa Larry’s Raving Lunacy: Oh, My Aching Hip

There is no such thing as peanut butter. I’ve searched the whole pantry. It’s a myth. I think they have implanted a chip into my brain that makes me long for a substance I cannot obtain. I am awaiting a knock on the door, some special agent who will try to convince me that he […]

Healing Corner: The Body Speaks In Tongues

I am full of optimism and gratitude as I submit my first article on this precious subject!  What do I mean by the healing corner and what can you expect to find in the future if you choose to stay tuned?  Any and everything that can naturally lead to growth, wellness, and awakening, is part […]