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On the Side: Persephone, Goddess of Spring

Goddess of SPRINGTIME and daughter of Zeus and Demeter her return from Hades marks each spring. She was driven into the underworld after an ill-fated encounter with pomegranate seeds. Her mother fought relentlessly to free her from Hades and Zeus!

Demeter, her mother is the Mother Goddess of harvests. Zeus and Hades plotted to drive Persephone into the Underworld with Hades. Demeter fiercely fought for her return to Earth each Spring.

These vases and other Mudwoman’s clay work can be seen and purchased at Plants Etcetera on Rt 219 S. in downtown Lewisburg (beside Blackwell’s) and Mudwoman Art’s facebook page.

– Diana Hunt, HashtagWV #112. April 2019.

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