On the Side: Persephone, Goddess of Spring

Goddess of SPRINGTIME and daughter of Zeus and Demeter her return from Hades marks each spring. She was driven into the underworld after an ill-fated encounter with pomegranate seeds. Her mother fought relentlessly to free her from Hades and Zeus! Demeter, her mother is the Mother Goddess of harvests. Zeus and Hades plotted to drive […]

Future Doc: Everybody is Mojo.

Tesla and his discoveries frequently come up in my reading, study, and even if I’m entertaining conspiracy theories down some deep rabbit hole. Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest inventors of our time. He has been called “the man who invented the 20th century.” He brought to us the system of alternating current, (what […]

Grandpa Larry’s Random Reminiscence: One World and Another

I have just returned from a place where the process of eating was the sampling of one another’s personalities. And working was a rearrangement of each other’s possessions. Now whether these possessions were actual or imagined was not perfectly clear, or whether subsequent rearrangement was necessary after each affair, not clear either. In one instance […]

WV Artist on Display: The Zoo Inside my Head.

Meet self-taught artist, Misty Murray-Walkup. Painting since childhood, she loves realism and wildlife is her favorite subject. She tells us, “I love painting in realism and wildlife is by far my favorite subject, bringing the zoo inside my head to life on canvas with my brush and paint.” She also enjoys painting portraits of people […]

In the Spirit: What would the Bunny bring you to Drink?

In the Spirit of celebrating the arrival of spring, Easter, and the Chocolate Festival, let’s play a game I’d like to call “What would the Bunny bring you to drink?” Yes, I know that the Easter Bunny is all about kids playing, egg hunting and coloring, and hopping around doing cartwheels on the grass! But […]

Elegant Elders in the Arts: Jeff Diehl, West Virginia’s Master Potter

Calling Jeff Diehl “a Master Potter” is a bit too diminutive compared to the impressive body and largess of his life’s work as a Master Ceramicist, Kiln Builder, Teacher and Authentic Human Being. “I was born with clay in my blood,’ states Diehl matter-of-factly. His great-grandfather worked as a potter in Germany and his grandfather […]

Out Loud: A Toast to Music of the Theater, from Opera to Broadway!

The Greenbrier Valley Chorale will devote its spring concert to a celebration of the evolution of music in the theater from opera to Broadway. Performances will be Sunday, May 5, at 3 p.m. at Carnegie Hall in Lewisburg, WV, and Tuesday, May 7, at 7:30 p.m. at the Historic Masonic Theater in Clifton Forge, Virginia. […]

May 3-5: Concours d’Elegance at The Greenbrier Hotel

From Friday, May 3 until Sunday the 5th, Concours d’Elegance returns for its second year at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs. Organizers are working to make sure this year’s Councours weekend builds and improves on its strong foundation with a bigger and better event. This year, they will honor Rolls-Royce and Bentley with a […]

Mtn Music Trail: She’s Baaaack! Pretty Penny Cafe has reopened!

Blair Campbell and the Pretty Penny Café in Hillsboro are back in business – and the place is alive with the sound of music! Located in the century-old Moore’s Store right on 219, the building went from old-fashioned country store to wonderful eating establishment back in the 1980s, when it opened as the Rosewood Café, […]

Guns & Cornbread: Safety First in the Spring Woods.

The scene was all too familiar. A beautiful piece of woods, a bright spring morning, and the song birds were in full chorus. But I knew when I stepped on the little white oak flat in front of me things would change in a hurry. Along with two other DNR Officers I had been called […]

B-Sides & Badlands: South Hill Banks Weave Genres in Rich Tapestry

The Appalachian Trail worms its way up and down the east coast for over 2,200 miles. Anyone who has hiked any length of the woodsy footpath knows of its rustic beauty, harkening to a vibrant history of hard-working families and a heritage nestled in the annals of time. It contains unlocked mysteries and fables far […]