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Future Doc: Everybody is Mojo.

Tesla and his discoveries frequently come up in my reading, study, and even if I’m entertaining conspiracy theories down some deep rabbit hole. Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest inventors of our time. He has been called “the man who invented the 20th century.” He brought to us the system of alternating current, (what powers almost every home on the planet) X-rays, radio, radar, and other technologies that are still in use today. And likely, there will be further releases of his discoveries in the not-so-distant future.

For communication purposes in this article, I’m going to call energy, frequency, and vibration (EFV) collectively as “Mojo”. Modern physics and other fields of science support the idea that the physical universe including ourselves are essentially electromagnetic impressions or expressions. Everything in the physical universe has, or better said….is Mojo. Everybody is Mojo. Everybody receives and emits Mojo. What we think of as a real and solid object is actually a specific expression of Mojo that our sensory receptors receive, our nervous system perceives, and then our beingness conceives as a reality or solid. To partly exemplify this, we’ve “heard” that if a tree falls and crashes in a forest and there are no ears to hear or recorders to record then there is no sound. Visually,  what we see is constructed in the brain. The same goes for all other perceptions such as touch, temperature, weight, movement, ect

In the Future Doc practice at Greenbrier Chiropractic Center a system of evaluation is used to determine imbalances in body Mojo. Our bodies are Mojo and each gland, organ, or tissue type has its own specific Mojo for optimal function. These various Mojos interact together to make a whole Mojo. One imbalanced Mojo can affect other Mojos. Imbalances are detected indirectly through muscle-energy interaction. Once an imbalance or weakness is found it can then be accurately determined what therapeutic support will bring the Mojo back towards the optimal.

Since the physical universe is Mojo, any therapeutic support will also be a form of Mojo. The therapeutic agent will necessarily be a Mojo that specifically harmonizes or resonates with the unbalanced gland, organ or body tissue. For example, fresh, whole and unadulterated foods are “vibrant “, and tend to bring many body imbalances toward optimal Mojo. On the other hand,  highly processed “foodlike” substitutes are either dead or toxic which decreases vitality by disrupting the body’s Mojo. Frequently,  accumulated toxins from these “foods” and environmental chemical or metal toxins have to be removed before the nutritional support can restore the optimal Mojo.

There are many other types of therapeutic support. They all have in common, like foods, a specific Mojo that resonates or brings imbalances into harmony. Some work indirectly by removing interference in the body’s nervous or circulatory systems (Chiropractic, Osteopathy). Other therapies would include acupuncture, massage, electromagnetic modalities,  water and oxygen therapies, art and sound therapy, exercise, “grounding” ect., and  but not the least…positive thinking and spiritual connectivity

– Tim Pence, HashtagWV #112. April 2019. Have a question or concern? Contact the future doc (Dr. Tim Pence) at

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