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Fri. Jan 19: Krista Hughes Brings Soul to The Asylum!

On Friday, January 19th, Krista Hughes Band is playing at the Asylum, 9pm, in Lewisburg. Influenced by traditional country music, as well as folk and singer/songwriter, Krista’s music is pure and beautiful. Her sound is part country, part folk, and a dash of soul that makes for a truly unique sound.

Krista was born, raised, and is still living in the small town of Coal City, West Virginia, which is about an hour drive and west of Lewisburg. At age four, she received her first guitar and has been hooked ever since. People from all over the world fell in love with Krista’s warm, honest tone, after watching her perform on NBC’s hit show, The Voice.

To date, Krista’s favorite show was when she played at The Raleigh Playhouse and Theatre in Beckley, WV. She tells us, “It was just a straight acoustic show, just me, my guitar, and an audience who was there strictly for the music. It was laid back and I could interact with the audience and tell my stories both through words and music.”

Krista was inspired to play music at a very young age and tells us, “When I was four years old I asked my grandpa for a guitar. He bought me one from a pawn shop, showed me the basic chords, and I was immediately hooked on music.” In 5 years, Krista sees herself living in Nashville, TN and pursuing music.

Her greatest musical influence is Miranda Lambert. Referring to Miranda, Krista tells us that “not only is she a great singer, she’s also an amazing songwriter and she is genuine. She isn’t afraid to be herself and say what she has to say. She’s honest with her songwriting and that’s something that I look for in music.” Krista’s most favorite song she’s written is called “Perfect.” She says, “it’s actually a love song. I don’t write many of those to be honest. It just came together so easily, from the melody to the lyrics, it was like it was just begging to be written.” While she writes many of her own songs, she also sings a wide variety of covers. Her most popular songs are anything from Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” to Janis Joplin’s “Bobby McGee.”

Krista loves visiting Lewisburg! She says her more favorite thing about the area is the “small town vibe, yet trendy scene. There’s so many cool places and things to go and do.” After her show at the Asylum, Krista looks forward to playing again in the Lewisburg area.

Krista will play the Asylum show with her band. Jay Milam – Lead Guitar; Steve Sparks – Drums, and Keith Fain – Bass. She’s known Steve the longest saying, “We met 10 years ago, he was hired to put drums on my very first cd. Jay and I met about 3 years ago through a mutual friend. I’ve been playing with Steve and Jay for 2 years now. Then Keith just joined us a year ago this month.” Krista goes onto say that she’s usually always with the band. “They are excellent musicians who help bring a lot of entertainment to my music,” – Krista Hughes.

Kirsta Hughes at Stuart’s Smokehouse in Alderson, WV

Don’t miss all this talent coming to you from Southern WV. Krista and her band will provide a show that is sure to please the crowd. The Asylum is located a 114 E. Randolph Street in downtown. Learn more about Krista at or follow her on facebook, twitter, and instagram @_KristaHughes. You can also listen to Krista now at If you’de like to book her and the band for a public or private event, she suggests you reach out to her on facebook!

– Hashtag #97. January 2018.

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