Wild and Free in 2023… Come Celebrate the 68th Annual Farmer’s Day!

 By Christina Edwards The roots of Monroe County families run deep! Similar to plants, a strong root system forms the basis for a plentiful harvest. Every year, the peaceful West Virginia town of Union has the Farmer’s Day Celebration to mark the beginning of the harvest season and to bring together friends and family for a break […]

YouTube Video: How I Promote West Virginia’s Art & Entertainment

How I promote art and entertainment in West Virginia as an independent publisher. In the video below, I’m driving to deliver the latest edition of HashtagWV in Raleigh County while sharing a few stories inside this issue. I also share insight into how we operate to best serve our state. Our mission with HashtagWV is […]

Swap Meet & Cars and Coffee at K2 Motorsports!

K2 Motorsports in Caldwell is ready for summer and to celebrate the season, they are hosting three special events this June that you don’t want to miss! On Saturday and Sunday, Jun 5-6, check out their 2nd Annual Swap Meet, 8am-4pm Sat, 9am-3pm Sunday. Call for reservations 304-520-6205 Friday, Jun 25th, enjoy food and drinks […]

Lewisburg, White Sulphur Springs WV Cartoon Map!

Check out our Lewisburg, White Sulphur Springs cartoon map. This is a helpful guide to find your way around the area! This map is published in HashtagWV City Paper and is updated monthly to feature shops, restaurants/bars, parks, grocery stores, landmarks, and events! Become a Patron! – HashtagWV City Paper.

No Hate in the Mountain State

We believe that there is no place for hate, no matter where you are from. Fight hatred in your community and be comfortable doing it with our No Hate in the Mountain State West Virginia T-Shirt, available in our city paper store, Shop Local WV. The t-shirt feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount […]

Lewisburg Events!

Looking for events in Lewisburg? HASHTAG LEWISBURG CITY PAPER is an online and print platform to all things in Greenbrier Valley and surrounding areas. Each month, we distribute 7,000 free, full-color papers across 5+ counties in WV & VA. Pick us up or search our website for the best things to do! We are Lewisburg’s #1 […]


So this month we are not going to talk about puppies or training or discipline. This article is about allowing ourselves to enjoy the fruits of our labors and about rewarding our long time companions for their years of service! Our dogs these days are living longer… with the advent of better care and more […]


Everyone is thinking about comfort food! With TOOT last week and holidays right around the corner, everyone is thinking about comfort food. That said, a burger with a side of fries has been America’s quintessential year-round comfort food for over a half-century, and the Asylum in downtown Lewisburg is turning heads with “Burger of the Week”. […]


Reason #1 to adopt a pet: Many of the pets from shelters and rescues are already housetrained, which means you’re not only saving a pet’s life, you may be saving your rug. Adopting a mature pet not only gives older animals a second chance, it often means introducing them to your family will be much […]

Sat, Oct 14: Oktoberfest at the Brewery!

On Saturday Octobter 14th following the TOOT festival,dress up in lederhosen (or not) and head over to Greenbrier Valley Brewing Co. in Maxwelton for Oktoberfest! They have a special treat for their fans as they celebrate with five special small batch brews taking over the taps, plus their Imperial Stout, and their Flagships! TEN TOTAL TAPS!! […]


I love the songs the birds sing. And since I don’t know them by their names like my neighbor, John, who can spot a yellow breasted whatever driving along at fifty miles an hour, I name them by their sounds. There’s Cheeber Cheeber, and Jimmy Jimmy, and the Bird Of Encouragement, who sings, “w’need ya, […]

Friday, Oct 27: Harrison Bounds at the Asylum!

On Friday, Oct 27, check out a three piece band of misfits at The Asylum in downtown Lewisburg! Coming out of Hampton Roads, Harrison Bounds are teachers and students of music who love putting on high-energy shows to elicit the feelings we all know and love. Harrison currently works as a bassist, singer & songwriter, […]

Saturday, Oct 14: Explore Town During TOOT!

When it comes to exploring Lewisburg food trends, there are no substitutes for tasting them yourself. And there’s no better place for that than the 33rd annual TOOT (Taste of our Town), slated for Saturday, October 14th in downtown Lewisburg. From 11am-3pm, thousands of residents and visitors will sample delicacies from local restaurants, civic clubs, […]


It’s a crisp October night and fervent observers encircle a luminescent bonfire. It casts its light on a hodgepodge of a crowd. The brave and the anxious stand side by side, all eagerly awaiting the night wagon that will lead them to the impending haunt. The air is filled with the sounds of elated chatter […]

Pick us up for Freaks & Frights this October!

Pick us up for Freaks and Frights this October @ Miller’s Haunted Nightmare! This special “Halloween themed” issue features all the BEST happening in and around Lewisburg including Taste or our Town (TOOT), the 37th Annual Art & Craft Show at WV State Fairgrounds, Fiddling around the Music Trail, the Virginia Opry’s Fall Harvest Show […]

Saturday, Oct 7: Fall Harvest Show @ Masonic!

In its 26th season, The Virginia Opry will perform its “Fall Harvest Show” on stage at the Historic Masonic Theatre on October 7, 2017, at 8:00 p.m. John Waugh, The Virginia Opry’s former drummer and vocalist during the mid-1990s, will perform as drummer and vocalist along with his daughter, Johnna Waugh, a vocalist who will […]

Oct 13-15: Fall into Art & Crafts @WV State Fair!

Starting Friday, October 13th through Sunday the 15th, about 4,000 locals and visitors alike will be found flipping through handmade crafts at the 37th Annual Art and Craft Show held at the West Virginia State Fairgrounds’ West Virginia Building, sponsored by the Edgewood Presbyterian Church.  You’ll enjoy crafts from 100 Virginia and West Virginia artisans […]

My Dog & I: Mom! Can we Please Have a Puppy?

And so it begins…and of course, everyone wants a new puppy, what fun!! The kids and a lot of the grownups too. A cute, furry, loveable bundle of amusement and joy. How could you resist? And although we often use the kids as an excuse, we are also responding to our own impulses too. You […]

Erik the Travel Guy: Backyard Travel

September is here and the kids are back in school and not a moment too soon, I might add. As the summer vacation has come to a close and we’ve put away our eclipse glasses, perhaps it’s time to embark on a three day weekend just for you! Lewisburg and the Greenbrier Valley is a […]

Future Doc – Game of Bones, Episode 5: Future Doc Practice

In this episode I’m going to ramble. I’m going to bounce like a rubber ball and roll like a stone from bone to bone…..like a rolling stone. Ok, I’ll keep my day job and leave the poetry to Uncle Larry and Bob Dylan. At the FUTURE DOC PRACTICE most people enter my office seeking treatment […]