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Future Doc – Game of Bones, Episode 5: Future Doc Practice

In this episode I’m going to ramble. I’m going to bounce like a rubber ball and roll like a stone from bone to bone… a rolling stone.

Ok, I’ll keep my day job and leave the poetry to Uncle Larry and Bob Dylan.

At the FUTURE DOC PRACTICE most people enter my office seeking treatment for bone and joint problems. If the patient has had a direct trauma or injury the “problem” is most obviously where the pain is. A lady falls onto her shoulder and has shoulder pain. Her problem is her shoulder. Simple enough, I’ll treat her injured shoulder. However, I might also treat her spine if the fall also resulted in spinal misalignment. I might also treat her opposite shoulder and hip due to a crossover in neurology ( the way we are wired). I may also treat her adrenal pathways due to the stress evoked by pain itself and her being unable to work. I might also venture to determine whether there was a preexisting condition that predisposed this lady to fall. That might be a general weakness, overly medicated or common side effect thereof, a bad back, hip, knee, or foot, and/or a loss of balance and coordination.

Unfortunately, even straightforward cases are rarely simple.

The majority of those seeking help at my office and I assume other similar clinics, enter with long histories of various body, bone and joint complaints. Most have had their problems from many months to many years. Many attribute their issues to old football injuries, car accidents, arthritis, “oldness”, “ normal headaches”, the wife or husband, stress, etc. However, their pains have usually come on gradually and most often their hasn’t been any direct trauma or injury at the area of their pain(s).

Many have already had treatment for their pain. Frequently, that treatment has been management by medications. This usually starts with over the counter “safe” meds and/or self medicating with alcohol (numbing) and then later, prescription drugs (masking). So, many of these bodies enter the Future Doc Practice after months to years of compensating and these bodies have exhausted ways and energy to divert the stress/pain to another body part or system. Their adrenals or stress glands are wore out. Masking and Numbing “effectively work” to the extent that their use diverts or pushes the problem to another area or to another TIME.

I’ll share with you an example composite case as follows:

A 62 yr old male with a primary complaint of long term, episodic low back pain. A secondary “Oh, by the way” complaint of Right knee pain, also comes and goes. He has been on anti-inflammatory meds as well as meds for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and acid reflux for several years. An X-ray ordered by the Orthopedist demonstrated severe DJD (bone on bone arthritis), and surgery was recommended.

FUTURE DOC examination revealed pelvic and sacral misalignment affecting low back and knee, weakened liver and prostate reflexes, (toxicity and mineral imbalance),and an immune challenge involving the knee.

Future Doc treatment included. #1 liver detox

#2 spinal adjustments

#3 nutritional prostate support

#4 immune support ( specific supplements and avoidance of sugars and alcohol )


Outcome : This patient had gradual improvement in both lower back and knee over approximately 3 months of active care. He also reported side effects of increased energy and overall body movement. I now see this patient monthly for support and preventive care. He hasn’t had a knee episode but does occasionally have some mild lower back pain. He has continued his meds so I keep watch over the detox systems.

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931)

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