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Halfway To Halloween At Miller’s Nightmare Haunted Farm!

Ever wonder what the ghouls and goblins of Miller’s Haunted Farm do during the off-season? Well, as it turns out, they spend their time baking pies and lounging around on the front porch. But although it may seem like an eternity from one Halloween to the next, the time passes quicker than three shakes of a witches’ broom. 

For those of you keeping count, the broom has been shaken one-and-a-half times. Today is April 30, and we are exactly halfway to Halloween…

But while the devils and demons are sipping lemonade and working on their tans, professional boogie woogie wrangler Berkley Miller and his team of paranormal-privateers are hard at work designing and building all new twisted torments for the upcoming season of the witch. As always, the chills and thrills will begin at Miller Manor, the abandoned home which has been the site of numerous reports of haunting-figures and unexplained phenomena. But for 2022, the walkthrough has been completely redesigned to create a frighteningly new experience.  

Just beyond the corn in a clearing filled with fog sits a house not quite deserted. On a hot Saturday in early April, HashtagWV was afforded the rare opportunity to inspect the property under the protection of daylight. 

“This thing just seemed to rise up out of the ground like a monolith from the underworld,” Berkeley told us, with a hint of uncertainty in his eye. “I’ve been here a long time. A lot of the things that happen here – the scary things – you get used to them. But every once in a while something happens around here that really sends a chill down my spine. That building scares me because you just know there is terror waiting inside.”

A full investigation of the structure has yet to be conducted, as it has been constantly occupied by what appears to be a small group of deadites. And while they appear to be more focused on leisure activities and have yet to show any signs of malice, that day is most certainly coming. But for now, Samhain remains at arms-length.

However, today is April 30, and we are exactly halfway to Halloween. And one-and-a-half shakes of the broom will come and go faster than we can say boo… 

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Matthew Young has been a resident of Lewisburg, WV since December 2019. Prior to arriving in West Virginia, Matthew resided in the Philadelphia area, where his reporting, commentary, and editorials have been featured in numerous local and regional publications. Previously, he has served as a scriptwriter and consultant for television, radio, and various other short-form digital-media platforms, both within the United States and internationally. Since moving to the Mountain State, Matthew spent eighteen months as senior writer/managing editor for the West Virginia Daily News and is currently an active journalist with the West Virginia Press Association.