An Amazing Lineup for Tamarack’s 2022 Courtyard Concert Series!

Tamarack Marketplace in Beckley (Raleigh County) has announced the lineup for its upcoming Courtyard Concerts Series held monthly, 12p-3pm from May through September. Bands include The Boatmen, Parachute Brigade, Carpenter Ants, Lords of Lester, and 3Chill! BONUS: All shows are FREE! These concert performances will be featured in the outdoor courtyard, which can be found […]

Halfway To Halloween At Miller’s Nightmare Haunted Farm!

Ever wonder what the ghouls and goblins of Miller’s Haunted Farm do during the off-season? Well, as it turns out, they spend their time baking pies and lounging around on the front porch. But although it may seem like an eternity from one Halloween to the next, the time passes quicker than three shakes of […]

Vibrant Colors, not Autommonochrome

I’m the kind of person who likes a lot of color. I saw a woman wearing a yellow dress the other day and, swoosh, I was high aloft. It was like I rode a sunflower up to the sun and sizzled in the heat. What about blue? I took a walk on the Greenbrier River […]

My Dog & I: Foundations are Fundamental… & Tedious!

Of course, I am going to talk about our dogs – after all, that’s what I do… and as so many people ask me about “dog whispering” I want to explain a little about the “magic”. A good dog trainer understands the necessity of small, simple steps and many repetitions before achieving any kind of […]