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Under the Influence w/ Ricky Bobby Chef aka Chef DANCUK!

Meet Ricky Bobby Chef, a Japanese hibachi chef who brings out the good vibes at Fujiyama in Beckley (Raleigh County). He also goes by the name Chef Dancuk and he has a tiktok channel @rickybobbychef that has garnered over 1.4 million followers and more than 42 million video likes. His youtube channel @rickybobbychefofficial has over 160k followers and he has another 34k followers on instagram. His style humorous and playful as he’s always full of jokes and if he’s your hibachi chef for the night, be prepared for him to perform and maybe sing a tune on his ukulele. Learn more with our Q&A:  

HashtagWV❗️Ricky Bobby Chef aka CHEF DANCUK!

How do you describe your TikTok account?

It’s just for fun. But you know what? I am making $1000 a month, so it’s kind of my side income, haha.

“Our chef, Ricky Bobby was so kind and entertaining! Request him if possible!!! He gave us some advice on things to see and do in the area and made it feel like we were having dinner with a friend! Portions are HUGE!” – Karap412, via tripadvisor

Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in Indonesia and have lived in West Virginia for 12 years now. I have an engineering degree and arrived in the United States in 2003, when I was 29 years old. I began Japanese Hibachi in 2005 and I currently work full-time at the Japanese steak house. 

How do you describe your social media

All my videos on Tiktok and YouTube are about my cooking activities and I feel so fortunate to have a lot of followers on social media. 

My purpose is to share messages of positivity to the world and having this ability makes me very happy.  I think social media is a very important thing right now because if we have a lot followers, we have a greater influence to spread good vibes to people.  

“My purpose is to share messages of positivity to the world and having this ability makes me very happy.” 

How much commitment do you invest in social media? 

I usually post a video almost daily. TikTok video are easier than youtube videos. I need to spend around 3-4 hours a day on these videos but I have fun doing it. 

What is your goal with online content?

My goal is to become influential with as many followers as I can attract because not only do I generate a pretty good side income from these platforms, but more importantly I am spreading happiness and positivity.   

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Do you follow the “rule” of algorithms? 

Mostly no, I don’t follow the rule. I usually just post a video in the evening since people are on social media at this time. 

Tiktok is easier for me to get followers.

How would you say TikTok stands apart from other social media platforms?

Tiktok is easier for me to get followers. I don’t know how but people much more easily find me on here than other social media platforms. 

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Would you say social media serves your purpose? 

Yes, most definitely. I am able to share what I am doing with people while being very open about my culture and home country.  I talk about my Indonesian background a lot and living in West Virginia and embracing the culture here.  

“Let other people see your skill and passion. Everybody has something to offer so good luck!!”

What advice do you have for folks trying to grow their following?

I would say constantly post videos and don’t give up. Let other people see your skill and passion. Everybody has something to offer so good luck!! 

If you would like to dine with Ricky Bobby Chef at Fujiyama, his restaurant’s location is 2003 Harper Rd. located near Tamarack Marketplace. This is a Japanese Steakhouse serving hibachi fare, sushi, udon noodles in a relaxed space. Call ahead at 304-250-0288.

– HashtagWV #140. March 2022.

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