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WV Artist on Display: Suzie Wiseman. Vibrant, Whimsical w/ a Touch of Retro Flair.

@hashtagwv Meet Suzie Wiseman, our #wv artist on display this month! #explorewv #artistsoftiktok @Beckley Art Center ♬ Try Something New – Alex Arias & Alexander Julius Wright

Meet Suzanne Wiseman, a native West Virginia artist specializing in watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media. Her art ranges from quirky watercolor portraits to dreamlike landscapes. She is self-taught and often practices new techniques by putting different ideas to the canvas. Suzie tells us her art is greatly influenced by the beauty around her, as well as her admiration for southwestern landscapes. Mingling colors with contrasting textures, she strives to capture the undertones of reality and finds great joy when her artistic expression strikes a common chord with a viewer(s).

Suzie is self-taught and often practices new techniques by putting different ideas to the canvas.

Suzie has curated shows for the Beckley Underground, Raleigh Playhouse, and the Charleston Art Walk.

By day, you can find Suzie hard at work in the kitchen at Hilltop Coffee Company in Crab Orchard. She creates all the tasty treats and drink specials. In her free time, she volunteers, travels, enjoys the outdoors, and paints. Suzie has curated shows for the Beckley Underground, Raleigh Playhouse, and the Charleston Art Walk. Only recently did she pick up the brush for herself and not long ago her work was displayed at Carnegie Hall in Lewisburg (Greenbrier County). Learn more about Suzie with our Q&A:

On February 11, see Suzie’s show called “Playlist” at Beckley Arts Center

Q. Describe your art.

A. My art is constantly evolving. Mainly I do two types of paintings. Whimsical watercolors of historical settings and portraits of everyday people. I enjoy creating large acrylic paintings of colorful dreamlike landscapes reminiscent of inspiring places I have traveled.

Q. How do you describe your palette?

A. Vibrant, whimsical, with a touch of retro flair. I never limit myself to a few colors. I like to use them all.

Suzie describes her work as vibrant, whimsical, with a touch of retro flair.

Q. What inspired you to become an artist?

A. I was born into an artistic family and have always been involved with our local art community. My mother, Teresa Stover, is a huge inspiration to me and has a never-ending well of creativity. I also find inspiration from the people around me. I am continually blown away by my peers and they kindle my fire to create.

Q. What’s your greatest accomplishment?

A. Being a mother to my wonderful son Jackson. He is creative, smart, and kind. He continues to grow into a delightful human being.

Q. What obstacles do you need to overcome to find your creative space/muse?

A. I must have a clean, organized space. I enjoy being surrounded by art that I find inspiring and LOTS of house plants.

“I draw a lot of inspiration from plants and nature,” – Suzie Wiseman

Q. How do you find your inspiration?

A. I draw a lot of inspiration from plants and nature. I like to mix the natural and the supernatural. Recently, I have been leading into southwestern landscapes, mixing the otherworldly and dreamlike landscapes of old western & sci-fi movies.

Q. What advice do you have for other artists?

A. Always try new things. Continue to play and experiment with new styles and mediums. You’re never to old to start. Do what you want and don’t be influenced by the opinions of others…. AND JUST HAVE FUN!!

Q. What is your favorite piece(s) you’ve made and why?

A. I absolutely adore my southwest landscapes; the colors and sci-fi notes bring me so much joy. They make me think of my late grandfather. My Pawpaw O.

Suzie would like to give a special thanks to all the folks who have supported her in all her wild artistic adventures. “If people keep enjoying my art, I’ll keep making it,” says Suzie. If you would like to learn more about this artist, contact her at stover.suzanne@gmail.com. Follow her @from_suzie_with_love on instagram and facebook.

– HashtagWV #139 February 2022.

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