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Saturday, Sept 25: Watch the Magic Happen w/ WV Woodturners.

In our abundant world of material goods, we sort of take things like bowls and pens for granted. Yes, the simplicity of recycling and converting a tree that was most likely headed toward demise and turning it into a functional everyday utilitarian item cannot be overlooked. Perhaps our primal selves would truly appreciate the joy of making something useful from a natural resource.

A part of every woodturner is in each final product.

Because wood and pen turning are fantastic examples of handmade art forms, you are invited to a morning of two demonstrations hosted by the West Virginia Woodturners Association. Held Saturday, September 25th from 9a-12p, at the Clingman Center (behind Hill and Holler and Amy’s Market) in downtown Lewisburg, see how wooden bowls and pens are made!

As the bowl and pen turns, you will watch the crafter make the decisions and guide their hands, heart, and soul throughout the entire creation process. A part of every woodturner is in each final product. Your presenters will discuss things like what’s inside the wood, how will the finished bowl look, and do we want to shape this piece?

It will be impossible not to be filled with a sense of rewarding satisfaction…

Not only will you be entertained by the artistic process but you can enter for door prizes with… you guessed it, hand turned wooden bowls and pens! BONUS: There will also be wood-turnings available for purchase.

It will be impossible not to be filled with a sense of rewarding satisfaction when you watch the woodturner take a chunk of wood, spin it around a bit, and then cradle that finished bowl or pen in their hands. Magic happens when you turn wood bowls and pens.

Please join them for this fun and educational event!

The Woodturners Association was started by a handful of local woodturners in 2007. Education and community outreach have always been a primary focus for them. Please join them for this fun and educational event and tell them HashtagWV sent you! The Clingman Center is located at 970 N. Jefferson Street.

For more information, contact Gary DeGraff at 314-640-3863. Learn more about the WV Woodturners at wvwoodturners.com.

– HashtagWV #135. September 2021.

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