How to Be Happy When Everything is Horrible: You’re Nothing Special – Rodney Norman

@rodneydnorman ♬ original sound – Rodney Norman “You’re nothing special,” is probably one of the most misunderstood pieces of advice that I have given. If you understand it, you know that it is an extremely empowering statement. If you don’t understand, you think it is mocking and belittling to the hearer. The universe hasn’t singled […]

History Unraveled: Greenbrier County’s First Public Health Nurse.

In 1920, local women formed the Greenbrier County Woman’s Association. Their goal was to create a community house in the red brick building on the corner of Lafayette and Washington Streets (where Brick House Antiques stands today). The community house was to have a public library, a first aid room, and quarters for the county […]

Charlie’s Pub, Fayetteville’s Best Kept Secret

Located a few minutes from downtown Fayetteville, Charlie’s Pub has been the most notorious bar in town since its founding in 1988. It was established by brothers Charlie and Jerry Sedlock to provide a fun space for the local community and whitewater enthusiasts who travel to Fayetteville from all over the world. In September of […]

Guns & Cornbread: Dear Remington, Just Make a Good 870 Shotgun.

Hunters can be very nostalgic and passionate about our sport and the equipment and tools we use when we tramp the wild places. We may latch onto and defend our favorite boots, or an old hunting coat, but what guns we carry and shoot is where we really shine. Back in the day, the gun […]

WV Artist on Display: Margy Green Creates Scenes from Realms.

Get to know WV artist Margy Green. She is a Greenbrier County native and creates scenes from worlds or realms inspired by her dreams, from her love and appreciation of nature, as nuanced by her myriad life experiences.  While most works are acrylic on canvas, other areas of her expertise and execution include pencil, charcoal, […]

Off the Beaten Path: Harvest in the Hills.

I was out on the stoop the other day ago, looking at my couple of pitiful potted cherry tomato plants, when I had a happy thought: I realized just how much joy gardens must be bringing to people from all over the state as this harvest season approaches. In these troubled and turbulent times, I […]

Back Roads: Don’t Tread on Me…

If you have watched the news any in the last few years, it’s no doubt that you have heard this phrase uttered with the iconic yellow flag depicting a rattlesnake striking.  Although the flag has questionable origins, it’s believed to have been created around the time of the Revolutionary War, but there is little to […]

My Dog & I: First Impressions

I recently had the pleasure of training a young Pitbull mix who had me change my thinking in several ways. Pitbulls, unfortunately, like many of the Stronger Breeds, Rottweilers and German Shepherds among them, are perceived as being potentially aggressive and slightly dangerous. He came to me with a bit of a “bad rep” although […]

Grandpa Larry: Good Neighbor, Homer

My neighbor, Homer, came over the other day with a WHEW! and a swiped hand across his forehead. “Did you ever see such a drought?” he asked. I was watering my thriving zucchini with the never-ending supply of water that keeps emanating from my numerable cisterns. “Oh,” I said. “You didn’t expect it?” I love […]