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Cosmic Palace: Rise and Shine

Healing and waking up are 2 sides of the same coin. Healing has been made into a verb, but truly it’s not so much in the doing category as it is in the being category. Although what you are doing will change when what you are being changes.

Healing experiences can be awakening experiences and vice versa.  It’s easy to miss the opportunities though, to rush through our healing and to rush through moments that could bring deeper awakening, simply returning to patterns of comfort, although they will lead back to outcomes that we don’t actually desire.  The rushing simply prolongs and sometimes compounds.

The body temple is the messenger and it is the vehicle of our spirit.   We can deepen our listening through such simple acts as conscious breathing, taking walks in nature, various types of meditation, creative movement such as dance, Tai chi, or yoga, and feeling (not thinking) ALL that arises, with self-compassion.

People often are struggling to become healthy (and think of it as healing) while literally shaming their own bodies or putting themselves into experiences that eventually cause them pain or deeper health crisis by complicating and overwhelming the system with too many drugs, yet another diet,  or some form of exercise that is being done without self love or awareness.  Diet and exercise disconnected from loving attention on ourselves miss the mark.

My idea of holistic healing isn’t just to focus on physicality using natural means although that’s a great beginning.   It’s truly body mind and spirit that must be embraced, and it is something we do in my view as a way of life, until the day we die.  It is a remembering of our wholeness and our being of nature, FROM nature! It is constantly finding the way back to the center of one’s very being and shining out from that space like the lights that we are.

And awakening In my view is layer after layer of recognizing and releasing all of the ways that as a species we have been programmed and conditioned to see ourselves as less magnificent/powerful than we are,  and through this programming and conditioning have created a society that reflects it back to us as truth.

May you be courageous, authentic, and full of faith as you navigate your own sacred transformations.  We are ALL being called to go deeper and rise higher.

– Sherry McLaughlin, HashtagWV #133. July 2021. Follow Sherry on facebook at “Empress Energetics.”

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