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In the Hills: Reaping the Benefits From Cannabis

Loria and Joe Chasnoff live in their hand-built house, pursuing their vision of a self-sufficient, solar-powered life-style. Joe is a master in wood craftsmanship and has built his career in furniture and cabinetry for the last 50 years. Loria is a skilled pain management massage professional and she always had the vision to establish a family business in agriculture. This vision inspired Loria to develop an artisanal hemp operation called Dovetail Ridge Farm. She is currently studying at the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine and has enjoyed developing tinctures and flower essences for several years.

With the help of friends, extensive training, and practice, Loria and her husband have been able to make it happen, from seed to shelf. Loria tells us they are excited to be able to offer insight and guidance into the extraordinary potential of CBD oil and salve. Their goal is to make a positive impact on people’s lives through their family farm. They make full strength, USDA Organic CBD oil, and salve. Their products are handmade and third-party lab tested for potency and they invite you to try it. BONUS: They are available at affordable prices!

Dovetail Ridge Farm is located on Peters Mountain in Monroe County. Starting Saturday, April 17th, Loria and Joe will be set up every Saturday morning at the Courthouse Farmers Market in Lewisburg, from 8a-12p. Their products are also available for purchase on their website as well as in a few local retail shops including Edith’s Health Food Store and Wild Bean/Thunderbird Taco on Washington Street East in downtown Lewisburg.  Shannon Beatty, also offers these products through her business, Sensorium Herbals, an alternative, and holistic health service.

The Humble Tomato in downtown Lewisburg also offers Dovetail’s CBD tincture in mixed drinks. If you would like to visit the farm, schedule your visit in advance by calling Loria and Joe at 304-772-3580 or emailing Learn more about Loria and Joe and their process with our Q&A:

How large is your hemp farm?

We grow between 1 acre and ½ acre of hemp per season. We have 17 acres that are USDA Certified Organic, just waiting for growth and expansion of our company.

How did you get started in this industry?

A presentation given by Don Smith, cannabis advocate in West Virginia, prompted us to consider growing hemp. Also, having land just waiting to be used for something valuable, and a personal desire to build a family business, sealed the deal for our decision.

What do you like most about hemp farming?

There are many facets to our business. Our personal favorite is growing hemp plants. It is very rewarding to bring them from a seed to a fully mature plant. They are beautiful, fragrant, and giving on so many levels. Extracting the CBD from the plants, and in turn, making the extract into tincture and salve is also very rewarding. We also love meeting the needs of our merchants who sell our products.

Has your health personally benefited from CBD oils?

Yes, absolutely. We use our tincture and salve regularly. The tincture helps Joe and I with anxiety, sleeplessness, and pain. The salve is an instant intervention for localized pain.

What would you like to share with our readers?

We are happy to share that Joe and I have developed a lifelong passion for growing our hemp organically. We have learned that organic farming contributes to human health, as well as to the health of our climate and our planet. We enjoy handcrafting superior CBD products and taking them into the marketplace.

Also, people who purchase our products know exactly what they are getting, and many of them achieve maximum benefits from our CBD, which is our primary goal. You can find our CBD at the Wild Bean in downtown Lewisburg. You will see it displayed on the counter. If you give it a try, please reach and let us know how you like it! Come visit us at the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays and follow us on facebook for updates and specials @organiccbdsalveandtincture.

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