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Cowboy Jim’s is Lewisburg’s Newest, Year-Round, Flea Market!


Cowboy Jim’s Flea Market in #Lewisburg (former Peebles) is now open! Come shop and/or set up a booth!! Open Fri-Sun, year-round!

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You never know what you’re going to find…

You never know what you’re going to find at Lewisburg newest flea market. Officially open since mid-December, Cowboy Jim’s Flea Market is quickly filling up with local vendors and artists offering a large variety of goods. Located in the former Peebles in Greenbrier Valley Mall, year-round you will discover local folks offering thousands of items including soaps, cbd oils, pastries, collectibles, accessories, toys, tie-dye shirts, musical instruments, ornaments, furniture, home décor, and more! Bring home a new, irreplaceable thing to love this holiday season and all year long.

Discover Affordable, Locally Grown and Processed Hemp

The team at Dry Creek Hemp Farm is excited to be a part of Cowboy Jim’s year-round market. They are a small family farm that started to grow industrial hemp for their own personal use. Dr. Lynell Braught is a disabled vet and was told prescription medicines were the only answer for the knee and back pain she experienced. After trying some CBD oil, she decided there had to be a good and affordable option. This is what led her to create a special way of growing and processing the hemp plant.

Lynell makes sure every step of the way is as natural and pure as possible. Even her fertilizers are totally natural. Her pest control comes from companion planting of other vegetables in the field and greenhouse. She says she takes special care in making sure there are no pesticides or other toxic sprays used in and around the crop. The city of White Sulphur Springs has even agreed not to use any sprays on her street. Dry Creek Hemp Farms offers 100% hemp oil with a natural hemp flavor of dirty grass. The oils may be used orally or topically.

Pat says she loves this new space…

Pat Spade is a vendor at Cowboy Jim’s. Her booth name is Willow Lane Creations and she tells us she offering a large variety of it items including clothing, home décor, bed and bath, and Legos. She tells that she was a vendor at the WV State Fairgrounds last August. Pat says she loves this new space because she can leave her booth set up full time. Pat’s daughter, Gina Honaker, is an artist who is also set up in this booth. Check out her unique rugs made out of plastic bags as well as her handmade Afghans and plaques.

Also, take the time to meet Amanda Bullock with Nostalgia-Scents. Amanda’s scents are created with a sense of nostalgia in mind.

And if you love tie-dye, you definitely don’t want to miss Sonya Shafer with Totalitee. Sonya says she loves tying and dying for you here in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia. Check out her online store at

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Discover handmade jewelry made of freshwater pearls, crystals, and real gems!

Bonnie Ramsey is also excited to be a vendor at Cowboy Jim’s. She is an artist who creates handmade jewelry made of freshwater pearls, crystals, and real gems. Bonnie also carries a variety of home décor and collectibles in her booth.

Supporting the American Dream

Cowboy Jim’s organizers tell us they are supporting the American dream. Their purpose is it keeps money in a local economy, helps local vendors start retail businesses to sell their products, and gives a community a HUGE variety of things to buy and buy locally. Spaces that were previously used by large corporations to funnel money out of communities are now being used by local vendors to keep money inside a community which I think is pretty cool.

Interested in setting up a booth?

If you are interested in setting up a booth the cost is very affordable. You can reserve a 6×6 booth for only $10 the first month, $35 a month thereafter. Organizers tell us this is the cheapest flea market around.

One thing is for certain at Cowboy Jim’s, something will find you. Their hours are Friday-Sunday from 10a-6p. For more information, they invite you to follow them on facebook @cowboysjimslewisburg

– Hashtag Lewisburg City Paper. January 2020.

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