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Ain’t No “G” in Marlinton w/ Lewisburg City Paper

Marlinton, West Virginia has always had spelling problems with its name.

In the early 20th century, Andrew Price, the first mayor of the town, wrote the verses to a poem to discourage this mistake. Hashtag Lewisburg City Paper has also begun a special campaign to raise awareness with an “Aint No ‘G’ in Marlinton” apparel line that you can find at the city paper store called Shop Local WV at or

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Back to the campaign. In order to truly appreciate that there ain’t no g in Marlinton, here is Mayor Andrew Price’s poem:

There Ain’t No “G” in Marlinton by Mayor Andrew Price

A smart and stylish man was he,
He had a college-bought degree,
He wished to buy some timber land,
And so he took his pen in hand,
But when it all was said and done,
He hurt his friend in Marlinton,
He did a capital crime you see,
Spelling Marlinton with a G.
There ain’t no G in Marlinton,
There ain’t no G in Marlinton,
There ain’t no G in Marlinton,
There ain’t no G in Marlinton.
Jacob Marlin, a hunter bold,
Settled here in days of old,
He camped in a hollow tree,
And spelled his name with nary G.
His partner, a hunter, also came,
Stephen B. Sewell, was his name,
The year was seventeen-fifty-one,
They founded the town of Marlinton.
While they dwelt in solitude,
Sewell got in an ugly mood;
He took his knife and on a tree,
Cut M A R L I N G.
Then Jacob Marlin, mighty quick,
Fell on him like a thousand brick,
For it always riled his family,
For folks to spell the name with G.
Old Jacob Marlin died in bed,
Sewell –– the Indians killed him dead.
It was an awful fate,
but he was prone to use the extra G.
Let all take warning from his fate,
And when our town they designate,
They sure must mind their p’s and q’s,
This awful G we can’t excuse.

Andrew Price, first mayor of Marlinton (1871 – 1930)

– Hashtag Lewisburg City Paper. November 2020.

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