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Uncorked: Goblins & Witches and Ghouls, Oh My! Festive Cocktails for Everyone!

October, the season of spooks and frights.

October, the season of spooks and frights. What better way to steel ourselves to the holiday of scares than with a glass of liquid courage? A festive cocktail that is. Whatever your poison is, there is a drink out there to satisfy everyone. (pictured above: @ear_and_cheers on instagram).

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For all the apple lovers out there, I recommend a Caramel Apple Mimosa. Start with a teaspoon of salted caramel- homemade is always best, add 2 ounces of fresh pressed apple cider, and top with a bubbly of your choosing. Might I suggest the Barboursville Brut Cuvee Rose, as a lovely local option.  You can also add a fun fall twist to this drink by substituting 1 ounce of cider for pomegranate juice.

For my bourbon drinkers, I recommend a Haunted Graveyard

For my bourbon drinkers out there, I recommend a Haunted Graveyard. Muddle fresh orange and rosemary together, add 2 ounces Smooth Ambler Contradiction- distilled right here in Lewisburg, WV- or the bourbon of your choice, 1 ounce Pure West Virginia Maple Syrup, and shake. Serve on the rocks with a torched rosemary sprig for enhanced aroma and presentation.

If you are a gin drinker, this next one is for you

If you are a gin drinker, this next one is for you. It wouldn’t be the season of mayhem without a Jekyll and Gin. Shake together 3 ounces of the gin of your choosing, ½ an ounce of fresh lemon juice, and ¾ of an ounce of grenadine. Serve in a highball glass with ice, topped with tonic, and a glow stick. Now turn on the black light and watch your cocktail transform before your eyes!

If you are looking for a quick demise, this Sweet Poison is sure to do the trick.

If you are looking for a quick demise, this Sweet Poison is sure to do the trick. Combine 1 ounce of light rum, 2 ounces of Malibu, and 1 ounce of Blue Curacao in a shaker with ice to chill. Serve this topped with pineapple juice in martini glass and let the cocktail take its toll.

For the witch in all of us, I suggest a Midnight Margarita.

For the witch in us all, I suggest a Midnight Margarita. Shake together 2 ounces of silver tequila, 4 ounces of blood orange juice, 1 ounce fresh lime juice, and simple syrup to taste with plenty of ice until good and chilled. Alternatively, throw it all in a blender and serve a bloody slushy with a salted rim. Make sure to toss an extra pinch of salt over your left shoulder for luck and enjoy with good company in the middle of the night.

Grab for a cup of Pumpkin Spiced Mulled Wine.

As the chill in the air and monsters abound set your teeth on edge, grab for a cup of warm Pumpkin Spiced Mulled Wine. This one is bit more labor-intensive, but you will be glad for having put in the extra effort once you get to sip on this soul-warming concoction. Start with a small raw sugar pumpkin, about 1 pound in size, peeled, cleaned, and cubed. In a medium sauce pot cook the pumpkin with 1 cup of water, 1 cup of sugar, 1 whole cinnamon stick, 2 whole cloves- crushed, and 1 teaspoon of whole cloves for 45 minutes to an hour or until the pumpkin is tender. Let the pumpkin mixture cool to room temperature and add 1 whole 750ml bottle of red wine. My recommendation would be the Barboursville Merlot Reserve, but any medium-bodied, dry, fruity red wine would work. Chill the wine for 5 hours or overnight. Mash the pumpkin and strain through a fine mesh sieve at least twice to remove the pulp. Heat over low heat and serve warm; hold at a low temperature in a crockpot if serving over a long period of time. Pumpkin Butter can be used to substitute the cooked pumpkin if you are looking for a cheat, but the results will not be as tantalizing.

Pick your poison wisely.

Whether it be ghosts or zombies or vampires that plague your nightmares, there is a drink out there to enhance your courage. Pick your poison wisely and always remember to drink responsibly. May the spirit of All Hallows Eve bring joy and delights to doorstep, this month and in the year to come!

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– Krista Bacchiocchi, Food and Beverage Manager at Prime 44 West at The Greenbrier. Hashtag Lewisburg City Paper #127. October 2020.

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