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Future Doc: Another Brick out of the Wall

It seems that we humans have a button about walls. Walls represent barriers to our freedom and movement, a method of control. On the other hand, a wall provides us protection from the “other guys” and the invading hordes.

Our bodies have numerous walls throughout our various body systems. For example, we have a blood-brain wall that serves as a barrier between the brain and the contents of the bloodstream. Each one of our cells is enveloped by a cellular wall, which can selectively allow good things to come in while keeping the nasty things out.

It has been said that most disease begins in the gut. The gastrointestinal tract (GI-tract) is the largest body wall. It’s the surface area is thought to be similar to a badminton court in size. The GI-tract along with our skin serve as the primary barrier between our internal body environment and the harsh, pathogenic, and often toxic external environment.

Seventy to eighty percent of our immune system resides in and lines the GI-tract! That makes a lot of sense. That is, our first responders and frontline defense systems patrol our external borders at the border wall that exists from your mouth clear to Uranus! So, if you’re going to get serious about immune issues you got to talk about GUT issues.

The battle for our internal protection is a continuous ongoing battle along the GI-tract. A healthy immune system keeps invading pathogens and toxins in check and eliminated as waste products. A healthy gut means a healthy immune system. An unhealthy gut means compromised immunity, gut and body inflammation, and just about every illness or disease that we are most likely to suffer or die from. This includes but is not limited to, cardiovascular disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative disease, and mental/emotional disorders. Additionally, the common “aging” aches and pains that we call “arthritis “ like chronic lower back, neck, hip, knee, shoulder, “bone on bone” conditions are in part generated by a compromised GUT.

In more recent years this compromised Gut phenomenon has been called the “Leaky Gut Syndrome”. By many accounts and by my own personal and clinical experience this syndrome is epidemic.  There have been identified many agents of what may be called “Gut Busters”, and they range from common everyday foods (natural plant proteins called lectins like gluten), to chemical additives (MSG), and environmental toxins such as heavy metals and dioxins. Ironically,  the over the counter NSAIDS like ibuprofen and Naproxen are notorious gut busters that often lead to chronic and more widespread pain. Furthermore, prolonged mental and emotional stress suppresses GI function and thus our immune system too. When these agents and factors are present-day in and day out another brick is knocked out of the wall. If continued, bricks start tumbling out at an increasing rate. The immune battle intensifies and will eventually become overwhelmed and confused. Here we have the genesis of autoimmune conditions and other inflammatory driven illnesses.

Fortunately,  our bodies are equipped with an awesome capacity for repair. However,  if the bad agents aren’t identified, reduced and handled, then little to no repair process can occur and the downward spiral in health will continue.

At Greenbrier Chiropractic Center,  (the Future Doc Practice ) we routinely check for and identify gut-busting agents. We know how to handle and reduce their impact. We assist and guide our patients in reducing their body burdens in the repair and restoration of their crumbling walls. This is the best approach I know in confronting immune challenges in general and the Pandemic that is called Covid 19.

 – Dr. Timothy Pence, Hashtag Lewisburg City Paper. September 2020.

Dr. Pence w/ Greenbrier Chiropractic Center is prepared to help improve your overall health.  Give him a call at (304) 645-6080 to schedule your appointment. E-mail them at and follow them @greenbrierchiro on facebook.

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