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Healing Corner: Back to the Center.

We are being called to the center of ourselves, where there is a calmness like the calm that exists in the eye of the hurricane, where stillness somehow still remains.

It feels as if the world is in complete and total chaos, from protests to political unrest, documentaries on everything from the 13th Amendment to Pizzagate and the Fall of the Cabal, debating vaccines, and the reality of alien life possibly being touted as the next war that will be waged in the name of “unity and globalization”. Whether you are making connections to the Bible (Revelations) or to the return of the divine feminine and the Goddess finally re-awakening, whether you are conservative or a vote blue no matter who, or none of the above because… what the hell is going on here??, you are no doubt aware of the shifts in reality being expressed.  Somehow somewhere your personal life has been altered in the past few months, and your boundaries of awareness, possibility, fear, and what you count on as your stability has been challenged.

At the center of ourselves exists the potential for peace in spite of the debates, the falling structures and crumbling patriarchal systems which have failed the heart of humanity, and the fear of our own failures.  At the center, which in the energetic body resides as the heart chakra, is an intelligence directly connected to the mystery of life its self.  Beyond intellect, yet scientifically proven.

We can debate the nature of the breath all day long, but the breath its self is still beyond the concepts that we are attempting to grasp. Understanding and acknowledging the breath or not, it gives you life without judgment, without asking anything in return.

The heart is shining its light so bright from this deep divine center of wisdom, that the truths coming into view are painful to see, hard to take.  But they must be seen, acknowledged, expressed, in order for the transformation that is written to take place.

We are in the eye of the storm; do not lose your heart to your intellect, nor your intellect to your anger, nor your anger to quiet submission.

Look in the mirror, question everything, especially that which seems to be obvious, recognize the gift of the breath, place a hand on your precious heart, find your alignment, and call on your light. When you have found that peaceful knowing and are basking in the quiet of your own light, share it.

– Sherry McLaughlin. Hashtag Lewisburg City Paper #125. August 2020.

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