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Future Doc: Chicken Littles En Masse.

Our truths have the potential to free us or enslave us. The TRUTH is often not where and what we think it is. Frequently, it’s not what it should be nor what we hope it to be.

Fear and anxiety are tools of control. As fewer and fewer own “the truth” we receive a bought and paid for media that reports their owner’s version of reality. This “truth” generally rests upon the calculations and computations derived from bought and paid for experts and policymakers that have been anointed to their positions of authority.

It appears to me that broad and sweeping assumptions are being assumed and then presented to us as the highest level of scientific knowledge. One can make the data fit the theory and one can crunch the numbers in and out of context to create the desired effect on a fearful public. After all, we can’t see viruses nor can we see CO2. These subjects should be left to the expert authorities, right?

So, if public health and our well being are truly the concerns of our authorities then why aren’t they repeatedly exclaiming and announcing how we can create and maintain a healthy immune system? Like say, avoid stress and anxiety! Like, avoid sugar and the SAD diet ( standard American diet). Like maybe, avoid disturbing electromagnetic frequencies, (Wifi, etc.). Like dah, avoid pharmaceuticals and say no to drugs. Like, get lots of sunshine and develop close, positive social relationships.

No, it seems that the only white horse that “may” come to town is the VACCINE and it will save the day and then things will get back to a “new” but nearly acceptable normal.

Oh, by the way, where have all the terrorists gone? And, if 55 saves lives, why we going 70 again?

Opinion, truths, and data that are contrary to the official narrative is quickly squashed, moved to the back page, or just simply ignored. Those that search the unexplored and question the unexplained or point out the flawed scientific method put themselves at risk. This would be the naysayers, the whistleblowers, the scientists and journalists with integrity, and many of those labeled as a “conspiracy theorist “. That risk may be social and professional ostracism and unemployment. That risk may be incarceration. That risk may even mean loss of life by “accidental death”, “suicide”, or outright murder.

To conclude this opinionated rant of mine, I must insert that I don’t know the TRUTH regarding these subjects. It may be silly, irresponsible, and risky to entertain alternative ideas and narratives. However, I think it equally silly, irresponsible, and perhaps even more risky and dangerous not to question the official version of reality or the mainstream narrative that is being presented. We assume at our own risk that this version serves the interests of all of us and not just the few.

– Dr. Tim Pence, Hashtag Lewisburg City Paper #125. August 2020.

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