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The Hippo Cometh? + Lutzapalooza 40 at the Wild Bean!

Ian Lutz is a local comedian, musician, show producer and Lewisburg’s next potential entrepreneur. We heard through the grapevine that he is working on something new and sat down to chat with him.

HL:  So what’s the scuttlebutt?

IL: I’m pursuing a lifelong dream.

HL: We’re listening…

IL: I am working towards opening an entertainment venue and restaurant here in Lewisburg. It’s a place that I can put all of my ideas and life pursuits under one roof.

HL: Such as?

IL: Great food, art, music, comedy, events, competitions, community, camaraderie, memories, all that good stuff.

HL: So not just another restaurant?

IL: Ha, no. The food will be a big part of daily operations and we will have a great but simple menu. Stuff that you don’t see elsewhere in town. It will be a fast-casual style restaurant but a place you can definitely bring the family or have a good hang with your crew. We’re planning on being a full-service bar in the evenings and have an item or two from the menu that folks can order late.

HL: Well that sounds pretty great! How about the entertainment?

IL: I have ideas abundant I’m looking forward to putting out there. I’ve got some great visual artists interested in doing shows and providing décor. I plan on having a weekly comedy show with regional comics, comedy open mic nights and hopefully get some bigger names in a few times a year. Plenty of music, acts that we may not usually get in Lewisburg like hip-hop and rockabilly. If the mood is right I may just get up and DJ from time to time. I’d really like to do some community stuff as well like trivia nights, cooking competitions, family talent shows, storytelling contests and we’ll have a couple big TVs to watch games on.

HL: There are a few places in town already doing some of those things. What sets you apart?

IL: Most places in town have been awesome about working with me to produce shows and letting myself and my friends perform in their venues. And I hope to keep the communication open with those venues so we’re all working to help grow the downtown Lewisburg scene. I just thought that if I had a place of my own, I could expand on the types of entertainment that I would like to provide.

HL: So where and when is this happening?

IL: We are making plans for one of the new units on Stratton Alley. As far as WHEN, that is the question. We are still tracking down funding for this venture. I’m launching a Kickstarter campaign that will hopefully pull in the funds we need to move forward. On Saturday, March 28th we are throwing Lutzapalooza 40 at the Wild Bean in downtown Lewisburg located at 1056 E. Washington St. There will be a comedy show followed by live music and I will be announcing how people can donate.

HL: Why “Lutzapalooza 40”?

IL: That happens to be my 40th birthday.

HL: Provided you get up and running, what will this new establishment be called?

IL: The Hippo.

Tickets for Lutzapalooza 40 and The Hippo kickstarter party are available at The Wild Bean and

– HashtagWV #123. March 2020.

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