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Doc Ramos: Staying Free of Feeling Green. Avoid the Flu.

Every year we try to prepare for the flu season. But what is a flu season and why is it that it always comes in January and February?  Another interesting question is why does it run in the northern hemisphere and not the southern hemisphere at the same time? We can answer these questions by pointing out that in January and February we are getting less sunlight. As the northern hemisphere tilts away from the sun, winter sets in and summer sets in the southern hemisphere. The Sun’s rays travel through much more of earth’s atmosphere during winter months, filtering out the rays that create vitamin D, which is essential for our immune system. Our immune system peaks during summer but weakens during winter, and we are more susceptible to catching a cold and or the flu. So my first recommendation is to get more vitamin D3.

I would like to state that I am a chiropractor. Chiropractic adjustment clears the interference of communication that occurs between the body to brain and brain to body. Without interference along this pathway, the body can heal itself. This is the principle foundation of chiropractic approach to health care. It was early on in the history of chiropractic care when the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 occured worldwide. According to public records, those who chose chiropractic care had 1/40th of the death rate. With this fact in mind, my second recommendation is to visit your chiropractor.

Also let us rethink the use of antibacterial hand sanitizers. The hand sanitizer is for bacteria and will not protect you from a virus. Most hand sanitizers are alcohol-based and when used will dry out your hands causing your skin to crack. This can become an entry point for the virus. Washing your hands with soap and water is far superior to hand sanitizers when it comes to viruses and is my third recommendation.

– Dr. Margarita Ramos with Active Life Wellness Center in Lewisburg, WV

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