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Remarkable Moments: How to be a “Really Good” Person

Welcome to 2020. An age where there is more regard for thoughts and feelings, and less reverence of bullying, mansplaining, and racism. With all that change, navigating today’s society can be pretty tricky. But have no fear… whether you’re one of those pesky Millennials just trying to establish yourself, a middle-aged Generation Xer just slugging through the day to day mundanity of life, or a Boomer who is indeed an old dog attempting to learn at least one new trick; the following tips span both time and space deeming them, for everyone.

How to be a “really good” person:


  1. Do show a genuine interest in the thoughts, ideas, and feelings of others.
  2. Do nice things for others without the expectation of reciprocity.
  3. Do nice things for others without indebting them for said nice things.
  4. Do showcase your values to others; such as respect, honesty, and integrity.
  5. Do practice patience and restraint.
  6. Do exhibit both sympathy and empathy for others.
  7. Do keep an open mind.
  8. Do praise others for both their accomplishments and their efforts.
  9. Do remember, life isn’t all about you and there are other beings in this universe.
  10. Do BE a really good person.


  1. Don’t TELL others you’re a “really good” person… because that’s just douchey.

So there you have it. With just a few short minutes of your life wasted you now know the Do’s and Dont’s of being a “really good” person. I know the Do list is substantially longer than its counterpart. I also know the Do list is sometimes easier read than done, so if you only have the emotional depth to take away one concept from today’s lesson, please take away the Don’t. Don’t tell others you’re a “really good” person, just show them that you’re a really good person.

You’re welcome.

– D.P. Witt. HashtagWV #122. February 2020.

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