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Healing Corner: Healing a Broken Heart.

Recognize before you there is a gem that has been mishandled and needs your constant attention and care.

Hearts that have been hurt long to be caressed with loving words, adoring gazes and meticulous tenderness.

Hearts on the mend must be acknowledged with complete and total admiration in spite of their misshapen, Less than perfect attributes such as defensiveness or fear.

These Hearts respond well to compliments and all forms of flirtation seeped in intimacy of depth combined with sweet playfulness.

They shy away from sarcasm and any form of brutality. NOTE: to a broken heart brutality is shown especially through ignoring or dismissing.

Healing a broken heart is the work of an artist; it requires patience, creativity, willingness to show up, and love of the task at hand.

If you by chance were part of creating the Broken Heart and are in the process of gingerly being allowed to handle this precious soul organ again it is an honor and a spiritual responsibility.

Hearts are very delicate. It is quite a lot to take care of our own heart; when entrusted with another’s truly it is a call to expand reality beyond what existed before.

For those in the business of helping to heal broken hearts recognize that it is a magical and delightful process. It is also a bit like taking care of a unique, rare force of nature asking nothing less of you than to Bear your own heart in order to remind the heart needing healed of its own innate beauty and possibility.

Only a heart full of love and authenticity and vulnerability can bring a hurt heart to its next highest evolution.

Hearts in remission would rather heal alone than to be handled with any kind of carelessness.

These hearts have much courage yet also are unwilling to put themselves in the care of anyone who isn’t completely immersed in the mission of showing the heart that it is Worthy of Complete Care and restoration.

If you are the one with the broken heart may you have faith in your ability to stretch and become more than ever anyone may have led you to believe was possible.

As hearts open and grow their new beauty creates a world in which living becomes an act of courageous love.

My heart longs to heal and my heart reaches to yours and sees its Divinity and all it has to offer.

– Sherry McLaughlin, HashtagWV #122. February 2020.

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