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The Nightmare Continues w/ Hashtag Lewisburg City Paper this October!

The Nightmare continues w/ Hashtag Lewisburg City Paper this October. Located about 15 minutes from downtown Lewisburg, Miller’s Nightmare and Haunted Farm is owned by the Millers and they have recently found that it is cursed. They’ve come up with a theory as to why the land and crop are tainted. There are inhabitants on the farm who are dabbling in the dark practices, including sacrifices and rituals.

Other features include Jardin by the River, Taste of our Town (TOOT), International Foods in the Valley, the 39th Annual Art and Craft Show at WV State Fairgrounds, acclaimed pianist Tony Nalker, the Boy’s Home Harvest Hustle, and so much more!

Also, enter for your chance to win a painting by Tim Vance, our October WV Artist on Display.

Pick us up and Happy Halloween!

– HashtagWV #118. October 2019.

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