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WV Artist on Display: Semi Abstract w/ Rich Color!

Meet Beth Humphreys, our WV Artist on Display for the month of June. She loves the infinitely rich and beautiful diversity of our visual world and uses acrylic paint and mediums to create textures and transparencies to build up colors and layers. Her paintings are semi-abstract with rich color and diverse graphic elements. She describes it as having a physical presence with tactile qualities and relief surfaces. Born in a military family, Beth traveled a lot but mostly grew up in Maryland and graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She spent some time working at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. and enjoyed the area’s art museums. Beth’s mother’s family is from Lewisburg, and after her father’s death, she moved here to help her mother. This life transition afforded Beth with time to return to painting and develop her own artistic style.

Beth says her paintings seek to express the fleeting moods and quiet tones involved in every day life experience and meditations. She tells us, “I like to explore different aspects of the interaction of color and surface and often incorporate mixed-media elements” She says each subtle nuance or variation or surface, color, design, and arrangement can evoke a mood, stir a memory, or inspire thought. Learn more about Beth with our Q&A. Learn how she developed her own visual style, what advice she has for other artists, and how you can connect with her!

How do you describe your palette?

Wide open! I love all colors and their many ranges and values. The variations and combinations are infinite and beautiful. I have worked with a wide variety of color palettes, even black and white monochromes.

How do you find your inspiration?

I am inspired by the whole rich and beautiful visual world with its ever-changing moods and reflections. Taking time to really look and meditate on the quiet beauty around us provides boundless inspiration.

What is your favorite piece(s) you’ve made and why?

There are favorites of different types. Some evoke emotions of a certain time frame. Some are achievements of particular challenges or commissions. The current work is sometimes the favorite by being in the moment. And the next future project has unlimited potential!

What advice do you have for other artists?

Trust your own vision! There can be as many artful expressions as there are people in the world and they are all valid. Let your mind’s eye explore and play; your instincts can show you your path. Just make art, the world needs it.

How can our readers purchase your pieces?

My paintings are on view at the WV Fine Artisans Gallery, located in Lewisburg, on E. Washington St, beside the Greenbrier Valley Theatre. The gallery’s website is To contact me, please email me at

– HashtagWV #114. June 2019.

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