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Saddle Up! Horseback Riding in Lewisburg w/ Mounted Blessing!

Are you spending the summer in Greenbrier County?  Or do you reside locally and looking for a fun and challenging outdoor activity? Sigrid House, owner of Mounted Blessing LLC, invites you to her farm for summer horseback riding lessons. Located just a few minutes from downtown Lewisburg, lessons are offered for ages 9 and up as well as drop-in lessons beginning this June through August. (Please note: drop-ins require at least a week notice). Riding since the age of 13, Sigrid tells us she works hard to help her students continually grow in the knowledge of this sport and she helps every encounter with a horse to be safe, challenging, and fun. Below, Sigrid talks about horses and her farm.

How did you start horseback riding?

My parents moved from an urban area to a very rural area.  It was a difficult transition for me but my Mother brought me to a nearby stable and I learned Hunt Seat and Equitation. In a short period of time I was training horses, teaching and showing.  Ever since then I have surrounded myself with everything horse.

What is your favorite part of equestrian teaching?

I get goosebumps when I see my students work towards their goals and then achieve them. These wonderful moments come when a student learns how to steer without pulling, ride the posting trot, sit a trot without bouncing, first canter, first jump or any “aha” moment where they feel a true connection with their horse.

When did you start this horseback riding school?

In 2012 I began teaching at a client’s farm in Lewisburg. This helped me greatly as I grew my clientele.  After the flood in 2016 my husband and I started working towards me being able to teach on our own farm. By 2017 we had built an 145 x 80 outdoor arena, tack shed, tack up area and outdoor stalls. We are now in our third year of lessons at our farm even though I’ve been teaching in GBC for 7 years.   

What inspired you to start Mounted Blessing, LLC?

I want people to experience horses in the same way that I have. I’m passionate about teaching people this sport because horses have done so much for my whole being. I also wanted to bring back the former more traditional style of riding that has disappeared over the years. My teaching approach focuses on balance and centered riding which I believe is the backbone of proper riding along with steady legs and sympathetic hands.   

How did you come up with the name, Mounted Blessing, LLC?

I rarely get asked this question so I’m excited you are asking me this!  Mounted typically means to be riding a horse. Blessing means the mount (rider) will receive a gift or special favor from their horse.  If the student is learning to ride their mount with respect and from true communication then the outcome will certainly be a blessing to the rider.  I’ve seen my horses bless every student who rides here.  Receiving a blessing from these horses has made a lot of people happy and has changed lives for the positive.

What do you believe are the mental, physical and/or spiritual benefits of riding a horse?

What I love about this sport is it can be as serious or laid back as you want it to be. I have youth, teenagers, young adults and older adults in the school.  They all take lessons for different reasons.  Riding a horse can help keep muscles toned for folks later in life.  It’s also a very mental sport.  If you come to a lesson thinking you may work out a big problem you will likely leave with that same problem to solve.  Riding a horse requires total mental attention.  There’s no working out your life problems in the saddle because there’s only one thing you have time to think about and that’s how to ride the mount you are on.   Horses are magnificent healers.  They can naturally reach people anywhere they are in life and change them for the positive.  They don’t judge and are very perceptive to body language.  A person can feel very connected with a horse just from body movements on and around them.

What words of encouragement do you have for someone who has never ridden a horse?

Learning how to ride a horse takes time so you have to be patient.   Horses are incredible teachers and can teach you about yourself. One thing I love about this sport is that it’s not limited to young people.  A person can enjoy riding at any age.   

What are your future plans?

I’m thinking about starting a Summer Horse Camp in 2020.  My community could help give me direction on this idea. I was thinking about a small day camp for 1 week and offer 3 camps over the summer. I enjoy teaching all ages, so I’d love to have young people and adults join.  Please contact me at and share your ideas with me!

Sign up for a lesson with Sigrid and you will see that she strives to teach in a way that produces riders who want to have lifelong partnerships with horses. For more information, visit

– HashtagWV #114. June 2019

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