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In the Spirit: #What2Drink on the 4th.

In the spirit of lining up your beverages of choice for the 4th of July celebration and keeping up with the new wave of #hashtags (See what I did there? LOL); we will talk about what everyone is drinking and what they are not drinking enough of this summer.

First, I would like to mention that hashtag-ing is super-hot right now, every millennial knows it and combined with TXT messaging where we are abbreviating everything, this can be OMG so #RAD.  We must know the basics of passing along an abbreviated full sentence message so the person receiving it can fully understand what we mean. After all, who has the time to pick up the phone and call someone else these days? So, we will be “spilling the tea” on what’s hot these days…

We will start with the basics:

#BYOB – We all know what this one means (Bring Your Own Booze), for those who know who their friends are and know they will be drinking a lot! There are several variations of it and below are some of them…

So you TXT:

“BBQ 2nite, BYOV! #Cosmos”

Geez Louise! What??? I think we’re having barbeque, but what’s BYOV?

It means, “Bring Your Own Vodka, we’re having Cosmopolitans”.  I know we haven’t seen a lot of those going around lately but let’s bring them back!  They are a refreshing cocktail to be enjoyed anytime during the day.

Another one very useful is:

#PoolTime BLRnM, #Mojitos”

Let me guess… “Bring Light Rum and Mint”. Yes! Mojitos are always fun and especially during pool days.  All you need is a bunch of fresh mint and limes with a touch of sugar. Make a big batch and #HaveFun!

How about:

Bro, BAKOL it’s so #Quiche today!” Oh Wow, if you can decipher that one, you’re #SuperRAD and we don’t want to eat quiche either…

All we are saying is “Hey Brother, Bring A Keg of Lager it’s so #HotterthanHottoday!” But seriously, there’s no time or enough keys on your phone to TXT all that!

You can find all sorts of keg sizes these days including one of those made for your countertop. This is also a great idea if you’re looking to bring back your college years.

Speaking of beers, craft beer is all the #Rave now, nothing better than bringing a six pack of a small production company or just a new flavor from a familiar producer.

#AllagashBrewingCompany from Oregon is one of my favorites. They make delicious beers in the #BelgiumStyle and are always coming out with new flavors.

River Trip is their newest addition which is a saison style brewed with grapefruit and coriander. Bukt the best is that it only comes in a can so you can take it on your next #RiverTrip!  #DogFishHeadBrewery from Delaware is also making a splash with their IPA line of 60, 75, 90 and 120 minute. But my favorite is the #DragonsandYumYums beer which is a collaboration between Dog Fish and the #FlamingLips band. It’s a pale ale brewed with a combination of dragon fruit, passion fruit, pear juice and black carrot juice. Clocking in at 6.5% ABV and 25 IBU! #Yummy!

(All the Bold hashtags above will take you directly to their social media BTW)

#Sangria is the best way to take a #Selfie during the 4th, with #NoFilter. Because they are so #Colorful, #Pretty and #Red also #Refreshing. The best ones are a #Concoction of just #LambruscoWine with #OJ,  #SparklingWine and #FSHFRT. (Fresh Fruit if you’re confused).

No matter what you are craving this summer when in doubt of #What2BRG to a party with your #SQUAD, you can always ask Siri, Google or even Alexa… They are there for you!

I hope you enjoyed this piece and do hope your 4th of July is full of great drinks with amazing friends and family!


– Robert (BETO) Aquilino, HashtagWV #115. July 2019

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