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June 6: No Fancy Footwork Needed. An Evening of English Country Dance.

Dancing “…adds to the accomplishment of Behaviour and Carriage and Qualifies a person for Polite company.” ‒ Nicholas Ridgely 1750’s Dover, DE

An evening of English Country Dance will be hosted by St. James Episcopal Church on Thursday, June 6 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.  The St. James entrance is located on Court Street in Lewisburg, about 2 blocks south of TrueValue. Suggested cost is a few pittance donation for flooring and lighting.

English country dancing (ECD) is elegant, sometimes spirited social dancing that was popular in England and America from the mid 17th to early 19th centuries ‒ traditionally danced to Baroque style music. This dance style shares many similarities with its close cousins, contra and square dancing. Some dancers love the beautiful tunes that open the heart, while others love the beautiful patterns that are created as they dance and weave or the grace and elegance of the movements. Dress is casual.  There is no fancy footwork. A brisk walking step will get you through all of the dances. Wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes. There is no need to bring a partner.  Come single or together.  Bring a friend!  The dancing tradition is to change partners for each dance.

ECD dances are several hundred years old with names such as Mr. Isaac’s Maggot, Christchurch Bells or Money in Both Pockets. Others are newly composed, and all are great fun!  This dance has been enjoyed thru our nation’s history by such personages as Thomas Jefferson in colonial America and Jane Austen in the Regency period.  Movies based on Jane Austen novels, Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility and Emma, include scenes at balls or parties featuring English Country dancing.

ECD will satisfy one’s wish for relaxed dancing, pleasurable exercise, mental stimulation and social community.  Don’t miss a friendly evening of social dance. To learn the dance, Google these entries to view some representative dances on youtube:  (1) Juice of Bar-ley old dominion dance;  (2) Geud Man of Ballangigh Princeton country dancers or (3) Hole in the Wall if do Christmas party; (4) Cheshire Rounds donwfbell. See you on the dance floor! For more information, call or email Ross at (304) 646-8555;

– HashtagWV #114. June 2019.

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