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We are One WV: Lucky in Love

The best kind of luck to fall into is the luck of love. St. Valentine just visited. And now St. Patrick is headed our way. I’m going to call this time of year ‘Lucky in Love!’ It’s that time right before spring. When the snow is real wet and heavy and the mud is real dark and thick. It’s the pre-spring time of year. A time when new things are on the horizon and the thaw is coming. Sometimes our cold hearts need to thaw and prepare for the seeds of summer, because growing is important. Growing means learning to love, learning to be loved, and loving yourself. Get uncomfortable! Come on caterpillars, its time to spread our wings and get lucky in love.

What was your lucky love? Who was that one person you just stumbled into, or did they stumble into you? My lucky love came into the world on March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day. He was Born in Success, Jamaica. Man, oh man, St. Patrick must have been looking down with St. Valentine, because they have done a real good with this one! They got together and sent me the love of my life. He came from across the Atlantic and up the Appalachian mountain range, right to my front door! Perhaps yours isn’t here yet or you feel has already come and gone. That doesn’t make it any less lucky. That one lucky love never lasts for an entire lifetime, no matter what. Either you were born without it or you’ll die without it. That lucky love just visits like ole Mr. Heartbreak. (Check out the Dixie Chicks)

Our beautiful children are my ‘lucky in love’ people too, but a different kind. They stumbled right inside of me and wrecked my body, and now wreck the living room. They’re a good kind of lucky love too.

How about the luck of the Irish. I’ve heard the saying, but the real meaning of this saying is something I had to do some research on. I mean, how lucky were the Irish? The potato famine sounds tragic. Seems like all of us wonderful Americans started this saying as a jab. I always thought it really meant you had good luck. “The luck of the Irish!”  Apparently, this saying permeates with judgment and misjudgment. Callous sayings from personality labelers. Ugh, leave it up to the US to coin a term that seems; not so nice. Short story: people say things that aren’t so nice. Long story: be nice. Love is nice. Growing is nice. People are nice. Don’t spread the not niceness.

I personally may or may not be able to trace my roots back to Ireland, but I know many Irish men and women immigrated to the USA and ended up in WV.  It also turns out I’m an expert on potatoes and immigration. And I know a ton about famine. I mean I’m starving to death on a regular basis, although my mother pointed out very clearly that, “I have never been hungry a day in my life!” Maybe you’re like me maybe you have a different life perception for your own adaptation, I’m just providing info here folks, allowing you to determine exactly what kind of expert I am on my own journey.

The luck of the Irish. The lucky love of my life. Down on your luck? Luck be a lady tonight.  Thomas Jefferson once said, “I’m a greater believer of luck, and I find the harder I work, the more of it I have.” Truth is life is fair and we learn as we grow, you reap what you sow. (#ShawnOwenBand) I’ve had struggles with love and with life and fearing a potato famine. We all have our struggles, but what we have to remember is that spring is coming and the Saints, whether Partrick or Christopher or Valentine or Elton. (Wait he’s a Sir, but you know what I mean) What ever your moto is…..:  believe that your luck and your love has a season. Everything has a time in which it comes to you, you can’t rush it. So enjoy life, it’s what happening when your waiting around for the next holiday or the seasons to change or the a dog to get manage, or the time to rearrange. It’s what happens when tides go low and flowers grow and glow worms glow. (did you ever have a glow worm? I’m from the 80s and I definitely had a glow worm). Life is what happens while typing a post or running from ghosts. Life happens, enjoy the ride, cause one day we die, but every other day we live!

– Blair Campbell, HashtagWV #111. March 2019. Check out all of Blair’s websites:,,, and

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