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My Dog & I: Dog Town

Lewisburg, West Virginia is without a doubt one of the most dog-friendly towns I have ever lived in…

No, we don’t make a big fuss or put up signs talking about our “dogginess” but our community simply quietly lives their lives including their canine members…but of course!

From the Fairgrounds in Fairlea to the Lawn at Carnegie Hall, you will see our inhabitants hanging out with their dog friends.

For those who have not gotten the memo about the Lewisburg Canine Welcome Mat, I am going to take this opportunity to outline the pet-friendly businesses you can bring your pal to…Really!!

Starting at the Western End of Washington Street:

• Stop in and have an afternoon aperitif on the patio of Del Sol

• Wander into the special shoe store, Yarid’s with your pooch in tow and get some dog walking shoes!

• Browse Serenity Now’s Outdoor Gear Shop and meet River, the in-house canine greeter

• All Good Dogs welcome at our wonderful new bookstore “A New Chapter”!

• Go visit at the Visitor’s Center, where the staff all have a treat or two for four-legged enquiries

• Sit on the bench beside the Greenspace and people-watch …

• Take care of your financial needs and get a dog biscuit for your Fido at City National Bank, dog lovers all!

• Take a seat outside the Wild Bean Coffee Shop to sip a cappuccino with your Sophisticated Sidekick

• Wave at Karma and Cupid in the window of Sunflower Soul

• On Saturday morning, visit the Farmers Market beside the Post Office with Dog-in-Tow and do some meet‘n greet with the vendors

• In the summer months, bring your dog and a picnic to Carnegie Hall’s free concerts on the lawn…on leash of course!!!

• Walk your dog around the historic side streets and admire the beautiful old homes and churches of our lovely town.

• And of course, one of my very favorite places to train and shop in all weathers is LOWES whose friendly and helpful staff have helped so many of my students to achieve social standing…

So you don’t have to leave your dog at home in this town because, although we don’t make a big deal about our open dogdoor policy, I would like to proudly say that my town is truly a “dogtown”!!!

Of course, this means well-behaved dogs on a leash and if there are any questions about what that means do not hesitate to join us in class and find out!!!

– Janine Lazarus, HashtagWV #107. November 2018. Follow Janine on instagram @goodladd_dogtraining and hire her at!

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