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From the Editor: Grateful, Thankful, Blessed.

Between work, children, my fiancé, keeping up the home, preparing meals, weekend activities and events, etc., life gets hectic. As the holidays are fast approaching and I am finishing up the 107th issue of HashtagWV City Paper (formerly LBSPY), I can’t help but think of feeling grateful, thankful, and blessed. (pictured above: A cool find at Patina in Lewisburg.) Here is a list of all the things I am truly thankful for:

1. Coffee – From its aroma to making us more alert, it’s just the best.

2. Email – I just love how easy it is to communicate and transfer files with people at any time from any place.

3. Local restaurants – For living in such a rural part of the United States, we have a wide variety of local options.

4. Podcasts – The best way to break from the monotony of a day is a good podcast. My personal favorite is NPR’s Planet Money. A couple weeks ago, I played episode #657 “The Tale of the Onion King” It’s about how one man took the onion market hostage. The kids especially enjoyed this one.

5. Motivation – The motivation to get up and do my best each day is a blessing indeed.

6. Retailers – There are so many hardworking and creative business owners in our area. Make an effort to support them on the regular.

7. Friends – Who else can we bug to share ideas or go out to eat with.

8. CrossFit – It’s only the best workout ever. There are a couple excellent gyms in Lewisburg. Whether you WOD 3 or 5 days a week, your body and mental health will benefit greatly, and the other gym goers will support you from day 1.

9. Healthy Family – Nobody is sick in the house and we could not be more grateful/blessed/thankful.

10. Clean drinking water – We all need it. Animals, flowers, vegetation, trees, people, fish, and all the life on this planet.

11. Electricity! – In darkness there is no internet.

12. Small, everyday things I can do with loved ones – reading books, playing chess, watching the little one do flips at gymnastics, and seeing the older one build lego robots.

13. Netlfix & Hulu – for obvious reasons.

14. Advertisers – Without your support, we could not publish every month.

15. Dogs – They are loving, kind, and loyal.

16. Local music scene – From bluegrass to folk to Americana, and so much more… their contributions to the local culture are enormous.

17. A free Christmas tree for you – We are giving away a Christmas tree for the 4th year. See page 11.

18. Readers – When you read this paper, you are supporting LOCAL!

Are you feeling thankful this holiday season? If so, tell us why! Send your entry to We will share your entry with this article at Happy Thanksgiving!

– Christina Entenmann. HashtagWV #107. November 2018.

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