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Through the Looking Glass & Beyond: A Magical Journey through the World of Alpha Music (part 4…the last leg)

Hello Friends. We have reached the last leg of our four part journey of Hashtag Lewisburg City Paper’s exclusive tour into the magical musical world of all that is Alpha Music in Lewisburg, WV….

For those of you just joining us, and anyone already on the tour that wants to look back to the beginning of our journey, you can catch up online. You can go to the website and read past issues of HashtagWV at  Here is the link to Alpha Music in HashtagWV online:

pictured above: Charlie – the guru

Okay, if you remember where we were last on our trip through Alpha, (Ohhh, and what a long, strange trip it’s been), we were leaving the ‘Back Room’ with Rusty, the Engineer, and headed back to the front; up to where we entered in through the out door of Alpha at the beginning of our tour. Still with me?  Charlie is up there. Let’s go talk to him…  There he is; at the counter with Dan. You remember, Dan. Everybody say, “Hi Dan”. In unison : “Hi, Dan”.

Charlie is the what I consider the ‘Guru of Alpha Music’. If he doesn’t know, no one does…and then he doesn’t know….or something like that. You know what I mean. Charlie  Hatcher is Rusty’s (the Engineer ) son. The red mane now belongs to him.  At this point, for all intents and purposes, Charlie Is Alpha Music. Some days it is hard to nail him down. Charlie not only oversees the store, he manages musicians, sets up festivals and concerts, appraises and buys musical instruments…  (especially guitars), and a plethora of other tasks. A virtual cornucopia of musical tasks, if you will. …and in addition to all of this, he runs the business end, as well. Oh, crap. He’s busy with a customer. I will stop in later, hang out and talk to him when I can catch him. …but remember, Dan is always here…Well, most of the time.

pictured above: Rusty – the engineer

So, there you have it… and what have we learned and discovered about Alpha Music? We found out what a luthier is. We found great guitars, both acoustic and electric, new and vintage. We found that Alpha carries an array of musical equipment, accessories and supplies, as well as instructional books of lessons and how to play. (hint, hint). Alpha not only gives guitar lessons , but they supply the local schools with guitars, too. We found that Alpha will meet and beat internet prices whenever they can… but the most important thing… We discovered the magic behind the music and all that is Alpha…

pictured above: Dan – the manager

These three things. The Guru, the Manager, and the Engineer. Without them, Alpha Music wouldn’t be what it is. It would be, cold, ominous and impersonal, just like the monstrous guitar stores; both brick & mortar, and online.

I’d like to thank my friends at Alpha Music for allowing HashtagWV and me, the Random Prophet conduct this tour and to thank each and everyone of you for joining us on the virtual tour. You have been a great crowd with very little shoving and minor incident.

We have reached the end of our tour. Say “Goodbye” to our friends at Alpha Music. In unison: “Goodbye” !!!  Okay, people. Listen up. Please keep hands and feet inside the ride at all times. Okay. You ready? It’s been a fabulous journey and its back out through the in door………….. -the Random Prophet | Find this feature at


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