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Poetry Corner: If I had a Dog, I would name him King Arfer

If I had a dog
I would name him
King Arfer
and make him wear a crown;
I would call his yard
the dogdom;

I would declare
all the stray cats
in our neighborhood
his vassals,
and bring one home
now and then
for King Arfer to

but I don’t have a dog
because ever since
that first boy
befriended that first wolf
it’s been a downhill slide
for dogs, it is pitiful
to see them grovel
and whine,
or be carried around
or when they get fat,
or bark
because they don’t understand
their captivity;

if I had a dog,
he would ride with me,
sitting alert on the front seat
watching everything
as the landscape
whirled by, and
when I left him alone,
he would be content,
curl up, and wait
for our next encounter.
If I had a dog
I would name him King Arfer.

– Larry Berger. HashtagWV #106. October 2018.

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